ice skates

You may know “Mesmeralda,” AKA Marni Halasa, from her other roles as the Bank Reform Bitch, Better Banking Butterfly, and Ethical Fiscal Fairy, among other things. Today she paid a visit to NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office at 59 Maiden Lane to “push for divesting from fossil fuel investments in the NYS Common Retirement Fund” and “knock some sense into” Mr. DiNapoli, leaving a strongly worded note outside the building, in case her message wasn’t clear. Read more »

Yesterday the Financial Times reported that one of the twenty protesters at Citigroup’s annual meeting appeared in spandex, on rollerblades, holding a sign re: bankers’ need for spankings. Many of you, as is your wont, commented that photographic evidence was necessary to confirm this really happened. So: Read more »