As many of you know, PIMCO chief Bill Gross is fond of weaving life stories throughout his monthly investor letters. One of his favorites, and a “Gross family legend,” was featured in a March 2011 correspondence entitled “Two Bits Four Bits Six Bits A Dollar.” It is the tale of the time he gave a waitress “negative tip,” noting on a napkin: “Thanks for the shitty service…you owe me 25 cents.” So, clearly, acting like a cheap prick to waitresses is kind Gross’s thing, as indicated by the fact that he proudly wrote about it in a note disseminated to thousands. Which is why it distresses us to report that someone has not only been flagrantly stealing BG’s move but doing so in on his own turf. Examine the evidence with us. Read more »

The above photo is the header on the website for a firm called Ehrman-Loeb, the suggestion of course being that it is a shot of their trading floor. That suggestion, you should know, is a bald-faced lie and some people are not going to take it lying down. Read more »