Jack Lew

  • 14 Nov 2014 at 10:30 AM

Jack Lew Is Feeling Pretty Confident

His way or, you know...Sure, his boss just received quite the beating at the hands of the voters, in no small part because people still think the economy sucks (at least they did until after Election Day, anyway). The Treasury Secretary knows better: He’s done a hell of a job fixing the U.S. economy and, with it, the world economy. But you know what? He’s pretty goddamned sick of doing it all by himself, and he doesn’t care if Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe and François Hollande know it. Read more »

Begin the posturing! Read more »

  • 26 Feb 2014 at 5:37 PM
  • Banks

Citigroup Plot To Seize The U.S. Government Is Sort Of Paying Off

During their very, very short times at the helm of the nation’s most boring bank, Robert Rubin and Vikram Pandit apparently devised and implemented a brilliant and nefarious plan to seize the levers of power in Washington. Read more »

Not Tim Geithner wants wily central banks around the world—well, the one in Tokyo, anyway—to know that he’s on to them. Read more »

In spite of an unexplained sweetheart deal from NYU, Republicans didn’t throw up any roadblocks to keep Lew’s nomination from moving forward. Some of them even voted for him. Read more »

As you have likely heard, President Obama plans to put Tim Geithner out of his misery tomorrow by nominating Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary. Lew is known for being Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and also for having an absurd signature. And not like chicken scratch illegible-absurd, like not resembling anything in the alphabet, might as well have drawn an illustration of two alpacas fornicating/signed his name Mariah Carey absurd. And, should he be confirmed and subsequently have his name printed on a bunch of dollar bills, Lew will likely be forced to come up with something that actually looks like it spells “Jacob Lew” as opposed to what is he is currently signing receipts and important documents with, i.e. this: Read more »