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Remember Christine Mancision? To recap, she’s the hedge fund investor relations lady who, back in October 2009, sued both the Hyatt Morristown and James Graeber, for an incident that took place on the evening of November 22, 2008, that incident being Graeber approaching her on the dance floor of his sister’s wedding, grabbing her arm, taking her for a spin, and then “flinging” her off to the side, causing Mancision to make a hard crash landing on her wrist, which was “bent the complete opposite way” when she stood up. Her injuries were so extensive that they required surgery, a metal plate and three screws (as well as “eight months of grueling rehabilitation”) and while she blames Graeber first and foremost, she also believes the Hyatt played a part in overserving the guy when he was, she says, “visibly intoxicated,” and therefore added “fuel to the fire” in Graeber’s dancing feet. Unfortunately for Mancision, Judge Robert Sweet has ruled that while she can go after Graeber for what happened that night, she cannot collect damages from the hotel, because there is not enough evidence to prove that the Hyatt served her dancing partner alcohol “when he was in a visibly intoxicated state” or that he was drunk at all at any point during the ceremony or reception, a conclusion he came to in part based on: Read more »

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at 11.53.21 AM.pngBy now you’ve probably heard that a lady named Christine Mancision has filed a couple lawsuits over being “clobbered” on a dance floor at wedding last year. The first is against James Graeber, the guy whose actions supposedly put a metal plate and five screws in Christine’s wrist. The second is against the Hyatt Morristown in New Jersey, which the victim claims encouraged Graeber to grab her arm, spin her around the dance floor and then fling her off to the side where she went “flying,” by overserving the guy when he was “visibly intoxicated,” adding “fuel to the fire” in Graeber’s dancing feet. Mancision, who works investor relations at Luxor Capital Group, wants a million in damages. Now, up front, let us just say it’s obviously a shame the girl had to go through surgery and “eight months of grueling rehabilitation.” But with the office holiday party season fast approaching, let us also say this:

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