tokyo_at_night-1440x900The Japanese apathy for sex is such a worry that their media even have a name for it: Sekkusu shinai shokogun, which translates to ‘celibacy syndrome’. However Japan’s incredibly low birthrate, which has shrunk over the past decade to be one of the lowest in the world, could mean that the country could soon not have a large enough population to support their economy. Being one of the world’s largest economies, a major dive in Japan’s financial security could easily affect the global economy, according to some experts. Japan’s dwindling birth rates are not the result of poor prenatal care or high child mortality, people there just don’t seem to be interested in marriage, having children, or even dating and casual sex. [Metro]

  • 12 Mar 2014 at 1:21 PM

Japanese Housewives Need Investment Analysis, Too

Why work hard and get yelled at by asshole hedge fund traders when there is a much larger, much more polite audience for your analysis, willing to pay ten bucks per report? Read more »

Not Tim Geithner wants wily central banks around the world—well, the one in Tokyo, anyway—to know that he’s on to them. Read more »

Goldman Sachs has faced a bizarre protest by a former employee representing what he claims is a union for the bank’s former and current staff in the country set up after a round of job cuts. Wearing a mask and using a pseudonym to hide his identity, a man purporting to be a representative of the Goldman Sachs Japan Employee Union held a press conference with foreign journalists on Thursday in Tokyo. The National Union of General Workers, a multi-industry labour group, has confirmed that the Goldman union was set up under its umbrella. It has not disclosed number of staff who are members or the identity of the man holding the press conference. “We are fighting for our jobs,” said the man, using the pseudonym Adam Lee. “This mask represents the faceless entities that you find … The nameless faces are just … something that they crunch, like a number … When they want to downsize, they cast aside these nameless faces.” [FT]

  • 04 Jan 2012 at 11:41 AM

Prophet Gartman Tees Himself For Another Told Ya So

Unlike past predictions, no one has to die for Dennis to nail this one (that we know of). Read more »

“Gold is strong in any and all currency terms, and it is now entering that stage when prices go parabolic,” Gartman said today in his Suffolk, Virginia-based Gartman Letter. “This will end when it ends; there is really nothing more that can or shall or should be said.” [Bloomberg]

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According to Bloomberg Brief, Bass launched the Japan Macro Opportunities Master Fund in July and is still accepting investors who agree with him that the country has some debt and demographic issues. Read more »

  • 07 Apr 2011 at 10:38 AM

Japan Hit By Another Earthquake

This one was a 7.4, according to CNBC, and a tsunami warning has been issued.