Jennifer Aniston

  • 30 Nov 2012 at 4:08 PM

Those Were The Days

In 2006, one unnamed US finance firm was said to have held its London Christmas party at Madame Tussauds. Following the event, it was found that two of the waxworks had lost their heads and Jennifer Aniston was missing a finger. [eF]

Back in February, Jennifer Aniston announced that she was done going out with celebrities and was looking to be set up with “a wealthy businessman.” We suggested fellow Greek Jim Chanos, Arki Busson, and Warren Buffett but not being a dating service, failed to follow-up. Read more »

  • 04 Feb 2010 at 2:39 PM

Who Should We Set Up With Jennifer Aniston?

jenniferaniston.jpgJennifer Aniston is reportedly done with dating celebrities. She’s now looking to be set up with “a wealthy businessman,” according to her friends who’ve been talking to Us Weekly. Off the top of my head I’m thinking Warren Buffett would be game but lacking the assets you’d find on a Russ Meyers set, she’s not really his type. Arki Busson is available and we know he likes the thespians, so that’s a possibility, as is fellow Greek Jim Chanos. Who else do we think would be down to play CEO and secretary ho with JA? Let’s get serious about this.
Jen Aniston “Wants to Be Set Up With a Wealthy Businessman” [US via Daily Intel]