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As some of you may recall, back in June we informally crowned Raj Rajaratnam’s attorney John Dowd lawyer of the year. Dowd responded to what he deemed an unfair article in the Wall Street Journal by telling the reporter “This is the worst piece of whoring journalism I have read in a long time,” asking “How long are you going to suck [U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York] Preet’s teat?” and concluding thusly “Preet is scared shitless he is going to lose this case so he feeds his whores at the WSJ. What a disgrace for an otherwise great paper.” He told CNBC “Get the fuck out of here. That’s what I’ve got for CNBC” when asked if he wanted to give a comment. And on the steps of the courthouse, he declared the Raj guilty verdict a “23-14″ victory for the defense. If anyone was to find themselves in some kind of legal trouble, be it of the insider trading variety or otherwise, he was the guy you wanted in your corner. Unfortunately, according to Dowd, the Galleon case was his last. And he’s truly not to be coaxed out of retirement, we’d like to suggest an alternative for your go-to legal counsel. He may not be versed in securities laws, but he’s got the fire inside him. Read more »

Two weeks back, former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse perpetrated against young boys, including an alleged incident in which Sandusky raped a 10 year-old in the shower. Since then, even more victims have come forward, and it’s been difficult to imagine how they’re coping, particularly when Sandusky will only admit to “enjoying” young people, with whom he claims he has only ever touched on the leg (though not with sexual intent), hugged, showered and just generally “horsed around.” Beyond the actual victims, which is to say, the people who were touched in highly inappropriate ways by a man 40 and 50 years their senior who was often times naked when doing so, we’ve also heard about the aftermath struggles of others affected (in their minds) by the alleged crimes, such as Joe Paterno, the PSU undergrads for whom getting drunk and watching sports on a Saturday has been ruined!!! and the school store, where merchandising sales have taken a hit.

And yet there is another group of people who, in the last couple weeks, have been overlooked. People who’ve had their entire worlds turned upside down. People for whom we should consider saying a prayer. Naturally, we speak of the legion of Merrill Lynch brokers who graduated from Penn State in the last several decades. How are they holding up? Barely hanging on by a thread here, is how. Read more »

From time to time around these parts, we like to offer tips for those looking to successfully make the jump from one firm to another. Obviously a solid record of making money for your employer will help but in addition, or perhaps in lieu of that, nailing the first and last interview is key, and whether you’re a college senior, a third year analyst or a 20 year veteran of the industry, the interview is something with which some people still struggle. While eye contact, handshakes and how to discuss your “worst quality” have all been covered, one topic we haven’t yet discussed is what to do in the event the person conducting your session asks for your thoughts on sex abuse. Specifically, the sex abuse scandal that went down at your respective alma mater. Luckily, career services at Penn State is all over it. Read more »

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Moody’s May Downgrade Penn State

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