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The last several years have not been the greatest in the life and times of Jim Cramer-endorsed investor Lenny K. Dykstra. The bumps are too numerous to mention in full but include: falling on money troubles so serious that he was no longer able to fly private, having his beloved mansion foreclosed on, leaving the place “pockmarked with torn up flooring, missing toilets and holes in the walls,” filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, living in his car, suing JPMorgan for “predatory lending practices,” dropping his suit against JPMorgan, invoking the ire of a hooker to whom he wrote a bad check, and being indicted on bankruptcy fraud and obstruction of justice charges. The latest setback, which could result in 80 years behind bars for LD, was pretty tough to take, as it will presumably make the timeline for his “comeback” a bit longer (although LD, bless his heart, says that not only is he “back” but that he’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, at this moment in time). Rather than wallow in sadness, however, we decided to pull ourselves (and yourselves and LD) out of this emotional hole by celebrating the life of Nails. In portrait form. Read more »

If there’s one thing Jim Cramer taught Lenny Dysktra, it’s the value of a good endorsement for a good pal. Several years back Cramer spoke highly of Nails’ investing skills, telling HBO that the former ballplayer didn’t just have a knack for money managing but that he was “one of the greats” in this business. In the ensuing years, Dykstra got thrown out of his house, caught defecating on the floor, had his private planes repossessed, lived in a car and was accused of bouncing a check to a stripper but now he’s doing great, possibly thanks to Jim. In an effort to pay it forward, Dykstra is doing the same for his best bud, Charlie Sheen. Nails told reporters over the weekend that Sheen is “perfect,” among other things. Read more »

When we last checked in with Lenny Dykstra, things seem to be on the up and up for the former baseball player-cum-Jim Cramer endorsed money manager. He claimed to “be back,” spiritually and financially-speaking, on account of his new “mortgage forensic research firm,” known as Predatory Lending Recovery, LLC, which despite not yet having any clients and only one testimonial, Len said is a billion dollar business. He described himself as “a lightning rod for money.” And he suggested he was still in possession of the thing the matters most to him in life, his private jet. Then, this happened:

Former pro baseball player Lenny Dykstra’s housekeeper has accused him of sexual assault, according to records…the female housekeeper alleged Dykstra would force her to give him oral sex on Saturdays.

No stranger to sexually harassing members of his staff (in 1999 Dykstra was arrested for that sort of thing with a 17-year-old female who worked at his car wash), we wondered if this news would threaten Nails’ comeback, and if it was a harbinger of worse things to come. However, prosecutors have apparently decided not to file charges, “because of an apparent lack of evidence that the activity was forced.” Here’s what LD had to say about the matter: Read more »

Brother from another mother Jim Cramer would surely say no but one woman begs to differ. Read more »

  • 19 Nov 2010 at 10:50 AM

Lenny Dykstra No Longer Holds The Keys To His Kingdom

Today brings some devastating news for legendary investor Lenny Dykstra. His Thousand Oaks manse, his most prized possession, has been sold in a foreclosure auction. Read more »

Cramer favors Jockey, 100% cotton (Erin thinks he should try a blend), while Uncle Jim suggests his colleague give Saran Wrap a shot. Read more »

  • 06 Aug 2010 at 4:20 PM

Lenny Dykstra Defends Track Record

This interview is mostly unintelligible on LD’s end but: “Go to the website– Nails Investments– and it says 160 wins, zero losses. You can’t say that unless it’s true. Otherwise they’ll put you in jail.” Also: “Yeah we have clients but we lost them all.” Plus: “Jim Cramer is the only one that’s been right.” And: “You mess with the Nails, you get the hammer.” Read more »

Go with me on this. Read more »