Jimmy Lee

“Tim was organized and low-key, although given to occasional bursts of profanity and odd fits of giggling,” claims Steve Rattner in his new autobiography, which he also writes that JPMorgan vice-Chairman Jimmy Lee is something of a “crybaby” and describes Sheila Bair as a “small, trim woman about my age with brown hair, brown eyes, and an unsmiling, sour demeanor.” [NYP via DI]

Jimmy Lee: Credit Markets are “Wide Open”

Jimmy Lee, JPMorgan’s legendary dealmaker, just finished up on CNBC’s new show, Strategy Session. Not only did he say the credit markets “are wide open,” but he said up to $10 billion in debt is now available for a big LBO, provided it sits on top of about $5 billion in equity and is, of course, the right kind of company. That jibes with what Carlyle Group’s David Rubenstein told the Washington Post earlier this week.

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