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Four days after the U.S. government indicted SAC Capital Advisors LP, describing it as a “veritable magnet for market cheaters,” founder Steven A. Cohen walked around the firm’s Manhattan offices on Madison Avenue and spoke with employees, telling them that “bad apples” exist in any organization. As Cohen, 57, sought to assure employees that business will continue as usual at the 21-year-old hedge-fund firm, many of his portfolio managers, analysts and traders were already reaching out to friends, hedge funds and recruiters in the hope of landing jobs next year when they expect SAC will need far fewer employees, according to people who have spoken to them. Getting those jobs won’t be easy for many investment professionals, as the charges against SAC raise concern about reputational damage…Even if firms are willing to hire a former SAC employee, the process will take longer and the due diligence and background checks will be more thorough, said Michael Martinolich, a New York-based partner at recruitment firm Caldwell Partners. “SAC employees may have to go the extra mile by providing additional, objective references to prove their credibility,” he said. [Bloomberg]

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Make Him An Offer

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Are you an asset manager looking to do some hiring? Have you interviewed a bunch of so-so candidates but have chosen to hold out for you dream employee, as unlikely as it might be that one person would possess all you desire? Does your list include:

1) A guy who will make you and your clients “$$$”

2) A CFA charterholder

3) Someone who is not just going to sit at his desk throwing the term socialist around but will actively do his part to get rid of the so-called socialists running the country, through his freelance writing gigs, mostly

4) An email address that makes a statement

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As we surely needn’t tell you, when one is a high-powered college student expecting to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Penn next year, one does not have a lot of time on his or her hands. Every moment is precious and efficiency is of the utmost importance. While you might think you already do a fairly good job when it comes to a) time management and b) effectively communicating the fact that taking ten seconds to, say, personalize a job solicitation letter, is a waste of your fucking time that just cost you $10,000, it’s never to late to pick up some new tips. Examine, if you will, the following case study. Read more »

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Someone Give This Kid A Job

Luis Caselles Peréz, pictured, is a Spanish-born business student who recently set up a website in order to share a dream, which he states plainly:

“As a Master student, I feel that the environment evolving from this and the resulting new paradigms of the industry offer many learning opportunities. Being in my last year of Business School education, I have a great opportunity to become the man I always wanted to be: an Investment Banker.”

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James Lazarus, head of the firm’s executive office in the UK claims “bullying, excessive workload and a chaotic approach to work at the bank contributed to his insomnia, stress and depression.” He complained to his boss about being stressed in September 2007, a few months later took two months of sick leave and then returned in December 2007, when his workload got even worse. Lazarus took another leave in July 2008, came back in January 2009, left a year later and is now seeking £1million. Also, he’s looking for a new gig, if anyone knows of anything. [Telegraph]