John Carney

The bank has recently put in place a policy of super-casual Fridays. Jeans, T-shirts, and even sneakers are acceptable on Fridays, according to people who work for the bank (and spoke on the condition of anonymity because banks keep everything top secret, even stuff like the rules of permissible footwear). The idea, apparently, is to make Barclays a better, cooler place to work. It’s one of a number of initiatives the company is taking to make employees enjoy their workplace more…A spokesperson for Barclays declined to comment about the policy or about what she was wearing as spoke to her. [CNBC]

John Carney says yes. Charlie Gasparino says no, the story was planted by Bob McCann, this broad isn’t going anywhere, and if she wants to put an end to it, she should send McCann a message via horse head that she’s not to be messed with. CG’s knows where she can procure one, if there’s interest.

  • 12 May 2010 at 2:22 PM

John Carney Needs Help

My dear friend and former colleague John Carney will be joining as a “senior editor” in the coming weeks and will also be “appearing regularly on CNBC’s Business Day programming.” Over the last few years John has been on the network as guest commentator but now that he’s an official member of the team, one very important thing needs to happen. It goes without saying but here it is: a nickname. Maria’s got one, Erin’s got one, Phil LeBeau’s got one and now Carney needs one too. If he’s gonna do this, he’s gotta do this right. I know what my pick is but let’s get democratic about this. Serious suggestions only, please.

Picture 18.pngJohn Carney reports he’s hearing that Jon Corzine’s staff is “already prepping to take over at Bank of America.” This strikes us as slightly premature on the staff’s part, as, Carney goes on to say, “there haven’t been any formal talks” between JSC and the Bank of America board. (Also: why would Papa Bear’s employees, as in his employees while Governor, assume they’d be going with him to BAC?). If it’s true though, and this really does look like it’s going to happen, J.Co will have to first deal with Dick Bové.

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