John Taylor

John Taylor Will Not Go Gently Into That Good Night

Don’t tell the FX Concepts founder that 70 is a good time to slow down and accept that your models don’t work anymore: John Taylor’s got a new office to sleep in and will busy himself at his typewriter until he can convince people to let him manage their money again. Read more »

John Taylor nurtured FX Concepts, the currency hedge fund he founded in 1981, into a strapping $14.2 billion powerhouse in 2007. Over the past six years, he’s done whatever the opposite of nurturing is, watching New York-based FX shrivel into a money-losing boutique which institutional investors line up to flee from.

But he’s not giving up, even if his last big investor is about to pull $450 million of his last $650 million—even if it means sleeping on the couch in his office until he’s forced to sell that, too. Read more »

John Taylor, Chief Investment Officer of FX Concepts, has been doing a lot of thinking about the economy lately and he keeps coming back to one thing– how similar things are to Europe just prior to World War II and how Bernanke’s actions are eerily reminiscent to those of Adolf Hitler. Sure, the facial hair is slightly different but other than that, Taylor says, “the parallels are ominous.” Really, it’s uncanny! If you aren’t lucky enough to be one of Taylor’s clients, who received the history lesson this morning, please join us as we take a gander at the outside the box “insight” some people apparently pay money to read. Read more »