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The Dish Network chief and Phil Falcone bête noire is not as big a fan of the TWC-Comcast marriage as John Paulson. But if it goes through, he’d just like to remind everyone that it would then be totally unfair not to let him have his way with DirecTV. Read more »

As long as threats are being issued over the matter, Citigroup would like to remind the U.K. that without the EU, it is just a small island country that is no easier to get to from New York than Frankfurt. Read more »

And he’s legitimately sorry though he’d like to just say, in his defense, that he had no idea the tips he was passing on to his jeweler/golfing friend would’ve amounted to a $1 million and then some profit. Twenty grand, sure. Fifty thousand, MAYBE. Read more »

Now would be a good time to start counting those coins. Read more »

  • 24 Sep 2010 at 5:27 PM

Ben Bernanke, Trendsetter?

Ben Bernanke, December 16, 2009: “I’ve got a driver’s license, my American Express card, a debit card, a Jos. [A.] Bank card where I get my suits, I have a health insurance card. And then I have a variety of other cards, phone numbers, United Airlines, frequent flyer. And I have $45…$75…$85. I’m all set.” Read more »

The buyer was not identified but there are probably only a handful of people with a) the cash on hand b) a serious interest in Hirst’s work c) a burning itch for a hot pink little number to tool around the streets of CT in…

[CWS via clusterstock]
In case you needed the entirely transparent model broken down for you: DK says the reason the network encourages (requires) its talking heads to screech at each other (and at commentators) in a pitch only dogs can hear, and get into faux fights, is because you people won’t pay attention to or understand today’s business news unless it is packaged with “conflict, drama and struggle.”