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If you had asked us two years or two months or two days ago if we thought that there would be a time in the near future when Securities and Exchange employees would not be regularly reprimanded for watching porn on their work-issued computers for 98 percent of the workday, we would have said absolutely not. No judgment, but in our professional opinion, people do not go from, among other things:

* Receiving “over 16,000 access denials for Internet websites classified by the Commission’s Internet filter as either “Sex” or “Pornography” in a one-month period”

* Accessing “Internet pornography and downloading pornographic images to his SEC computer during work hours so frequently that, on some days, he spent eight hours accessing Internet pornography…downloading so much pornography to his government computer that he exhausted the available space on the computer hard drive and downloaded pornography to CDs or DVDs that he accumulated in boxes in his office.”

*,,, and

…to living a porn-free existence at l’office. Did we think they’d take baby steps toward that goal? Sure. But when you’ve tried to log on to your websites of choice, on average, 533 times a day, assuming weekends were worked, baby steps means getting yourself to a place where you can do a solid two hours of work each week without hitting up So you can imagine (and probably share in) our surprise to hear that, according to a probe by Interim Inspector General Jon Rymer re: “misuses of government resources,” the worst offenses one office was charged with claiming they needed iPads to do their jobs when really they just wanted to watch movies on them at home and going to hacker conferences without encrypting the data on their computers. Read more »

Do you need that visual? Of this guy attempting to log onto 385 times in one day? Or of his colleague freaking out over his hard drive being full of all the porn he’d previously saved, and frantically rummaging through his desk to find some CDs on which to put his new stash? If you answered yes and hell yes, at least one law firm is fighting for your rights. Read more »

A few weeks ago, an unnamed Securities and Exchange Commission worker got in a bit of trouble with his employer for checking out a little porn while on the job. Mystery Man made at least 1,800 logged attempts to check out some sites that included,,, and, which, he admitted, “were kind of distraction per se.” But he had a good reason for what we personally think is a very mild offense, which is that he had a lot of work to do, and it was stressing him out. And without knowing the facts, many have just been so quick to judge, without really hearing the guy out, which we think is unfair, and not the way *you* would want to be treated, were you to find yourself in the position of having to defend time spent on TrannyTit. You’d want a chance to explain yourself, and since surely this fellow does too, we’ve excerpted the relevant portions of his conversation with the lawyer sent in to investigate the matter. First, some background:

Next, Q&A:

Q: Can you say how long you may have been engaged in viewing pornography? Is it a recent development?

A: I don’t know if I can give you a time frame in all honesty… I guess depending on how you define “a long time.” I think, you know, there’s clearly probably times like I said earlier, where you know, I did not look at this material, did not search for the material, you know. I think the frequency increased as I felt a little more stressed, which was kind of very cyclical in nature, I think, because then, you know, I’d have work to do and would then have to take it home and work, you know, just to keep up. And then that would stress me out even more, you know.

Q: Our records show that on Wednesday, August 20th, beginning at 3:17PM, you made approximately 385 attempts to access a website called Do you have recollection of attempting to access this site?

A: I do not. But as I indicated previously, that, you know, would not necessarily surprise me. Read more »