Earlier this week, Royal Bank of Scotland CEO Ross McEwan announced that he had a new professional goal for himself. “My aspiration is not to run the world’s biggest bank,” he said via video posted on the bank’s website. “My aspiration is to run the best bank in the UK – nothing to do with size.” What role will the men and women who make up Team RBS come in vis-à-vis said aspirations? That’s where this conversation gets awkward. Read more »

  • 19 Feb 2014 at 9:45 AM

Layoffs Watch ’14: BNP Paribas

Cuts are expected to go down at the French bank this week. Read more »

On the heels of the good news that Barclays would be increasing the bonus pool this year, which came on the heels of the bad news that the bank posted a loss for the fourth quarter, comes the not great news that about one in ten of you will be asked to pack your things and leave by the end of 2014. For those of you trying to get a sense of your odds (of being cut), they increase significantly if you happen to be based in the UK. And if you think having the words “managing director” on your business card will save you, think again. Read more »

  • 28 Jan 2014 at 12:57 PM

Layoffs Watch ’14: Barclays

If you’re a junior mistmaker at the bank, consider passing it on to your MD that he/she might want to gird his/her loins. Read more »

  • 04 Dec 2013 at 3:03 PM

Layoffs Watch ’14: Investment Banking

Deustche Bank is out with a report today encouraging I-bankers to gird their loins. Read more »

  • 06 Nov 2013 at 4:39 PM
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Layoffs Watch ’13: Commerzbank Board

The other Germans are bidding farewell to a couple of directors, to save a few euros. Read more »

  • 06 Nov 2013 at 2:03 PM

Layoffs Watch ’13: Citi

Cuts are said to have gone down at the House of Corbat. Read more »

Banks are practically begging each other to take their employees. Bank of America was so desperate to find jobs for its employees that it invited rival Citigroup to a job fair to interview employees, according to an executive…The bank is aiming to cut more than 4,000 jobs in the fourth quarter and already notified about 1,200 employees this week that they were being let go, people familiar with the matter have said. Executives say they are trying to find other options for their workers. BofA to Citi: Take Our Employees [WSJ]