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When discussing the horrible tragedy this afternoon, please, remember to give Gartman credit. Here’s what he wrote in a note today: Read more »

In a letter sent this week, hedge fund manager (and former co-head of proprietary currency trading at Goldman Sachs) Christian Siva-Jothy informed investors that he would be shutting down his firm, SemperMacro, due to poor performance (the fund is down 2.3 percent year to date, and lost 8.7 percent in 2010 and 27 percent in 2009). He also made some truly disturbing statements. Read more »

Paulson And Co’s Extra ‘Edge’: Alan Greenspan

Shout out to the Doctor in John Paulson’s year-end letter to investors. Read more »

Robert G. Burton is the chairman and CEO of Greenwich-based Burton Capital Management. Over the years he’s donated more than $7 million to the school’s football program, including a $2.5 million gift for the Burton Family Football Complex. Now Burton wants that money back and his name taken off the building. He’s extremely miffed and in a letter to athletic director Jeff Hathaway– the object of Burton’s ire– he outlined why. Read more »

Ladies, do yourselves a favor and pick up a book called He’s Just Not That Into You. Not to be blunt but the President doesn’t care about you; get that through your heads and move on! You deserve so much more. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can open yourself up to meeting a man that treats you right.

From: Daniel Loeb

Subject: Holiday Gift

Dear Friends/battered wives:

It is that time of year and I just thought of the perfect gift in light of some of you. In case the President’s hostage rant wasn’t enough to turn you off, I thought I’d buy any of you a great book for gals who just keep on pursuing the wrong guy. Made popular on Oprah a few years back, “He’s Just Not That Into You” seems like the perfect holiday stocking stuffer for true blue Democrats who just can’t get enough of our President’s smack downs on hard working successful Americans known as “the 2%”


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SAC Capital Receives Government Subpoena

From MarketWatch: SAC Capital Advisors LP told investors in a letter that it got a government subpoena, according to a person who received the update from the hedge fund. Read more »