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That November, living at home and angry over what he saw as the unfairness of his predicament [of being suspended for cocaine possession and witness tampering], Lohse quietly visited the campus to report SAE for hazing. He had been encouraged to make the move by several friends and by his brother, Jon, who had quit his own fraternity during his senior year. Lohse met with Dartmouth’s associate dean for campus life, April Thompson, and David Spalding, Kim’s chief of staff, who was a brother at Alpha Delta of Animal House infamy. He told himself the move was in the fraternity’s – and Dartmouth’s – best interests. “I saw my role as a reformer,” he says. “I would argue that making these issues front and center is a very positive thing to do.” Telling none of his friends or fraternity brothers that he was in Hanover, Lohse presented the school officials with a “dossier of fraternity-hazing and substance-abuse-related­ information.” For well over an hour, he detailed his experiences and even named names…On February 22nd, his 22nd birthday, Lohse received a call from Dartmouth’s office of judicial affairs, informing him that, based on information he’d provided the college, they were pursuing charges against him for hazing. The college has also charged 27 other members of SAE, stemming from events in the 2011 pledge term. While the other students all categorically deny doing anything illegal, the information that Lohse provided to Dartmouth officials may directly implicate him in hazing. As a result, Lohse – the only student to come forward voluntarily – may be the only student who is ultimately punished. Coupled with the chair-throwing incident, the charges could get him expelled from Dartmouth. “I told them the unabridged truth, and they got me to incriminate myself,” he says. “I understand that no one is above the rules, but none of this would have even been possible if I hadn’t spoken out in the first place.” [Rolling Stone, related]

A very wise, British-born, not banker but nevertheless partner of Goldman Sachs tasked with dealing with the firm’s image once lamented, “Jamie Dimon tells the government to wank off and the public calls him oh so spirited. Would life change for me if Lloyd wore lifts?” The Masters of the Universe aren’t usually ones to whine (or give a baker’s fuck about what the public thinks) but honestly, what the hell? Why is it that when Goldman has some maybe non-consensual relations with the economy it’s not okay but when JPMorgan does they’re the best bank in the world? How is it that Goldman can somehow get blamed when a kid in Akron, Ohio kicks a puppy but senior management at JPMorgan picks up where Michael Vick left off and they’re just having some fun? Or Lloyd Blankfein is a monster for passing a hobo and only giving him a dollar (when he made so much more last year) but Jamie Dimon rapes the same hobo after helping himself to some change and he’s “just being affectionate.” It’s just not fair and it makes no sense, have come the wails from within 200 West.

The double-standard struck the most sensitive nerve, of course, immediately following the crisis when the hate for Lloyd and GS versus the perceived love for James was so great Goldman’s board considered asking LB to wear a Jamie mask “just in public, or when addressing large groups of people, reporters, etc.” So we were interested to find out if the public’s perception of JD v. LB still chapped some Goldman hide now that things have calmed down a bit. Turns out it does. Read more »

  • 02 Nov 2009 at 1:54 PM

Allen Stanford Is A ‘Sir’ No More

allen-stanford-at-a-bail-002.jpgSince the SEC called Ponzi scheme on Allen Stanford’s ass, things have no been going so well for the Houston-based “billionaire.” He was “deprived” of being listed as the 405th wealthiest person in the world by Forbes, which caused many tearful nights. He was forced to fly commercial for the first time, in almost two decades, which was harrowing. He got the shit kicked out of him in a prisonyard brawl, which was humiliating. And he coughed up blood in the middle of a courtroom, in a failed attempt to get an upgrade in his accomodations behind bars. Through it all though, there was one thing he could cling to, one thing that kept him warm at night. One thing that staved off the demons. And that was the knowledge that despite being an accused criminal who wasn’t recognized by Forbes for his (likely) illegal-obtained riches, he was in good company with guys like Elton John. Now, he doesn’t even have that.

It’s no longer “Sir” Allen Stanford. The panel that approves candidates for knighthood in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has voted to rescind the honor granted to Texas financier R. Allen Stanford in 2006.

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