Los Angeles Dodgers

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Q: If you had to assemble hedge fund all-star team, that would invest together for a year or five or whatever time-horizon we decide on (the All-Star Game, it’s them versus the market), which managers would be on it? Read more »

…because come next month there’ll (probably) be no “Mr. Cohen, can you help me with my swing” this or “Mr. Cohen, what are your thoughts on polyester uniforms” that. Read more »

Billionaire hedge fund manager Steven Cohen, considered by many to be a frontrunner in the bidding for the Dodgers, was given a tour of Camelback Ranch-Glendale by vice chairman Jeff Ingram and chief revenue officer Michael Young before Saturday night’s split-squad game with the White Sox…Cohen’s group also includes leading sports agent Arn Tellem and investment banker Steve Greenberg. Seven groups reportedly remain in the bidding for the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium, a sale being conducted by Blackstone Advisors for current owner Frank McCourt, who placed the team in bankruptcy last June. [MLB]

Steven Cohen may yet own the Los Angeles Dodgers. But he still hasn’t given up hope of buying a chunk of his favorite baseball team. The SAC Capital Advisors founder is expected to buy one of the 4% stakes in the New York Mets currently on offer. The Mets plan to sell 10 such stakes—although the team’s current owners plan to buy at least two of the slices—to raise $200 million in an effort to pay down the team’s huge debt, while simultaneously allowing Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz to maintain control of the team…Buying the Mets stake would not keep Cohen from buying the Dodgers—although if he wins the latter, he’d have to sell the Mets share. That could make him a very short-lived Mets owner, as Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is expected to pick his successor by April 1. [FINalternatives]

Over the weekend, the LA Times reported that a group headed by Steve Cohen was among those that advanced to the second round of bidding for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mark Cuban, “veteran baseball executive” Dennis Gilbert, and former Dodgers players Steve Garvey and Orel Hershiser are out; at the top of Cohen’s elimination list remain Magic Johnson and Joe Torre. Obviously, we have no idea whether or not the SAC Capital manager will emerge victorious. Either way, though, something about all this has been troubling us: namely how acquiring a baseball team figures into SC’s long-term plans. Read more »