Louis Bacon

  • 28 Mar 2014 at 12:57 PM

Ben Bernanke No Cheap Date

Sure, he’ll accept your dinner invitation. But it’s gonna cost ya. The former Fed Chair doesn’t get out of bed/attend speaking engagements, pan roasted truffled squab or not, for less than a quarter mill. Read more »

“Frankly, my dear, you should give a damn,” Louis Bacon said last night, paraphrasing from what he called his holy book, “Gone With the Wind.” The Raleigh, North Carolina-born hedge-fund manager, who looks a bit like Rhett Butler (especially the hair), exhorted guests to protect nature as he accepted the National Audubon Society’s Audubon Medal…Five women costumed as North American birds circulated during cocktail hour. They wore bras and undies, a feather here and there, and body paint (they’d spent six hours standing during their transformation). Each ably identified herself (which most guests — including Jonathan Rosen, author of a book about birding — failed at). There was a red-breasted robin, a Blackburnian warbler, a loon, a blue jay and a calliope hummingbird. “Mrs. Bacon and I thought of it,” said Ann Colley, the executive director of the Moore Charitable Foundation, which has carried out much of Bacon’s conservation work. “We didn’t want it to be boring.” [Bloomberg]

Time was, making hundreds of millions of dollars one minute and losing hundreds of millions the next got Greg Coffey’s blood pumping. Now? Eh. Who cares? What’s the point? Read more »

His throat and arms, also hit, are okay, too. Read more »

At the end of each year, when the numbers are in re: which hedge funds had the best performance and, more importantly, which ones had the biggest profits, those nowhere close to the top would kill in cold blood to determine the secret to their vastly more successful colleagues’ (if you can even call them that) success. The fools will assume easily replicable tactics like in-depth research and a top-notch ability to (legally!) get information first are the edge employed by firms taking home billions upon billions. The wise ones know there is more than meets the eye.

At PIMCO, for instance, a daily shimmy down the trading floor keeps the Newport Beach-based operation in the money. At Bridgewater, it’s interrogating co-workers about every little trade with an intensity level not found at Guantanamo Bay. At Moore Capital it’s the prioritization of Louis Bacon’s time and breath. According a new profile out today by reporter Kate Kelly, the veteran hedge fund manager is loathe to waste either– not on children trying to squeeze him for an extra twenty bucks a month, not on know-nothing investors, and certainly not on worthless traders he’s already written off. Read more »

Almost exactly a year ago, if you happened to be walking down East 67th Street toward Fifth Avenue, you probably stopped to peer through the window of a certain $49 million townhouse. Specifically the one belonging to Phil Falcone. There, a piano playing pig name Wilbur was pulling out all the stops (“Memory” from Cats, his infamous Bette Midler), in celebration of his boss making AR Magazine‘s annual list of the 25 highest paid managers, having taken home $825 million in 2009. The good spirits and the gin were running high that night and the party didn’t stop ’til the early hours of the morning. This year, things will be different. The lights will be dimmed and Wilbur will be in his room, digging out the cocktail napkin with the number of the hedge fund manager he’d met last summer in Connecticut. He told himself he wasn’t going to do anything with it but…things have changed. Read more »

Give it up for Vikram! Read more »