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    Hedge Funds

    Tepper: Appaloosa Is Not Smoking Da Ganja

    David Tepper knows all the cool drug words.

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    Cantor Fitzgerald Is Rather Eager To Sell You Some Pot

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    He's Elon Musk and You're Not

    Elon Musk And The Google Boys Have A Super Secret Bro Out Spot

    It’s like the coolest mom’s basement ever, dude!

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    Finance Firm Seeks To Be “The GE Capital Of [Pot]”

    Marijuana sales are spreading across the nation thanks to the growing legalization of the drug. […]

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    Get In On The Ground Floor: High Times Magazine Is Starting A Private Equity Fund

    HedgeCo.Net today offers the exciting prospect of a very, very specialized alternative investments product in […]

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    Deutsche Bank Managing Director, LAPD Not Yet Seeing Eye To Eye On Savage Beating “Incident”

    Yesterday afternoon, Deutsche Bank vice chairman and managing director Brian Mulligan filed a claim with the city of Los Angeles, letting it be known that he plans on suing for $50 million, over an altercation with the LAPD that left Mulligan with “a broken shoulder blade and 15 nasal fractures.” According to the media banker, he was minding his own business one night in May, when a couple of officers approached him, asked him what he was doing in the vicinity of a marijuana dispensary, searched his car (where they found a few thousand dollars), drove him to a motel and told him to wait there. Several hours later, still waiting, Mulligan says he started to become suspicious and decided to leave, at which point the officers returned and “began ruthlessly beating him” so badly he “barely looked human” when they were done. If this had happened to you, you might be a little upset too! The LAPD, however, claims that Mulligan has no reason to be angry with them and, in fact, owes the officers an apology, for his “outburst of erratic behavior.”

    The police version begins with a complaint about a man going through cars in a Jack-in-the-Box in the Highland Park area, according to LAPD Officer Cleon Joseph. Moments later, a second call came from another person about a man in the same area who appeared to be on drugs and trying to break into cars…The officers determined Mulligan matched the description of the suspect, but a police drug recognition expert determined he was not under the influence of drugs. Joseph said he could not clarify whether that included alcohol. Officers then searched Mulligan’s car and found thousands of dollars, Joseph said. Mulligan told the officers that he was exhausted, so the officers agreed to transport him to a motel, Joseph said. But first, they had to count the executive’s cash to make sure it was all still there after they transported him to the hotel, Joseph explained. The officers gave Mulligan’s money back to him, drove him to the motel and left him, concluding their response, Joseph said.

    A few hours later, at about 1 a.m., police received another call from the same area, this time about a man running in traffic. Officers observed Mulligan in the street, Joseph said. He defied officers’ orders to get out of the street, and instead went into a fighting stance and charged at the officers, according to Joseph. Officers tackled Mulligan and took control of him, Joseph said. During the take-down, the executive sustained injuries that required hospitalization. Police reported the incident as a categorical use of force and are conducting a standard investigation to determine if the force was necessary. Mulligan was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with law enforcement. He was booked on $25,000 bail and was released from jail on May 18.

    Despite Mulligan acting in such a way that some people thought required “force” to deal with, a spokesman for the LA County DA’s office said that there are no plans to file criminal charges and that the office would simply like to “have a discussion with him and advise him on how best to follow the law so that incidents like this don’t occur again.”

    Brian Mulligan, Deutsche Bank Executive, Says He’ll Sue LAPD Alleging Captive Beating [HP]
    Deutsche Bank Top Hollywood Banker Claims Police Beating [Bloomberg]

    / Aug 15, 2012 at 12:51 PM
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    Convicted Ponzi Guru Scott Rothstein Wasn’t Worried About Whores, Hotboxing Derailing His Scam

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    Soliciting Weed Money In Times Square Actually Somewhat Lucrative

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    Hedge Fund Investor Relations Chick Arrested For Running Pot Farm Out Of Her House, Claims It Was Actually A Petting Zoo

    As recently as the beginning of last week, Tara Bryson worked in the investor relations […]

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