• 21 Jan 2014 at 2:36 PM

Here Is A Wolf In No One’s Clothing

“Vaguely inspired by Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street,” ANIMAL New York did a little photo shoot yesterday wherein a model posed topless on and around Wall Street while wearing a wolf mask. The photos of said wolf buying gum, reading the paper, posing next to The Bull, and waiting for the 2/3 can be viewed here; while they are most certainly NOT SAFE FOR WORK, if your employer sent you home early in anticipation of the PolarVortexapocolypse2.0, perhaps you can take some time with them there. [AnimalNY]

Edgar Repko Jr. had a pretty good run. Read more »

Goldman Sachs has faced a bizarre protest by a former employee representing what he claims is a union for the bank’s former and current staff in the country set up after a round of job cuts. Wearing a mask and using a pseudonym to hide his identity, a man purporting to be a representative of the Goldman Sachs Japan Employee Union held a press conference with foreign journalists on Thursday in Tokyo. The National Union of General Workers, a multi-industry labour group, has confirmed that the Goldman union was set up under its umbrella. It has not disclosed number of staff who are members or the identity of the man holding the press conference. “We are fighting for our jobs,” said the man, using the pseudonym Adam Lee. “This mask represents the faceless entities that you find … The nameless faces are just … something that they crunch, like a number … When they want to downsize, they cast aside these nameless faces.” [FT]