• 07 Jan 2011 at 12:08 PM
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“The Daily Show For MBAs”

Miro Kazakoff, a former Bain & Co consultant and self-described “poet” and Tom Rose, a quant and product of Duke University, are MBA candidates at MIT’s Sloan School. They graduate this spring and while Wall Street may beckon, anyone hoping to land these guys is going to have stiff competition from the comedy club circuit, according to senior lecturer Howard Anderson, who says “stand up is an option” for these two. Anderson drew that conclusion from watching their MBA Show, a satirical web series that he and other business students have apparently found to be a real gas. Read more »

  • 21 Dec 2010 at 12:09 PM
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Presenting: “Those CBS Girls”

“They steal all the boys, they must have superhuman powers.” Read more »

How many times have you sat in a meeting only to be called on by your boss to answer a question you’re not even sure he’s speaking English on? How many times has Steve Cohen called you on a Sunday night and peppered you with brain busters about a company you’re supposed to know inside and out but in this case have never heard of, which is not an acceptable response? How many times has the FBI made an unannounced visit to your office demanding to see you break dance on the trading floor or they’re shutting the place down, and you can’t even box step? Read more »

  • 08 Nov 2010 at 10:06 AM
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B-School Student Seeks Financing For Multi-Billion Commodities Deal

A Columbia business student recently sent out an email peddling billions of dollars of iron ore to his classmates, pitching them and anyone they might know on the deal. It’s unclear how much money has been raised so far, but we figured we’d help cast a wider net. If you’re interested– get in touch!

From: [redacted at Columbia Business School]
To: All Students
Subject: For Sale: $13B of iron ore, +$10B of rare earth elements

I’m actually serious. This is a deal that I’ve put together.

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  • 05 Oct 2010 at 1:49 PM
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The Jack Welch Management Institute Is “Booming”

A few years back, Jack Welch met a man named Michael Clifford at a party. Clifford is the lead investor in the Chancellor University System, LLC, and over shrimp puffs educated Welch on the merits of online schools. Jackles was not initially sold. But, he told the Wall Street Journal, he was impressed with the University of Phoenix, the Harvard of the Internet, which is owned by the Apollo Group, and after a little research decided he wanted in. Welch cut Clifford a check for $2 million and in exchange got his name and face stamped on the school’s MBA program, AKA “The Jack Welch Management Institute.” We first learned of this exciting opportunity in June 2009, before things were officially up and running. There were a few kinks to work out and then time passed and no one said anything about it and eventually we forgot about the whole thing and kind of figured Welch said “fuck it, I don’t feel like doing this anymore.”

Then today during an interview with Bloomberg, Welch mentioned that things are “really starting to take off. We’re getting students from around the world…it’s thrilling.” A quick search indicates Jackles speaks truth. The JWMI has a whole website with courses and whatnot, where tomorrow’s “winners” (that’s what Jack calls them) are being groomed. Read more »

  • 27 Sep 2010 at 12:45 PM
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SEC Just Not That Interested In Confession Of Ponzi Schemer

The SEC has a history of massive fuck-ups. We know this. But, to date, many of these fuck-ups have a logical explanation. Missing Madoff’s multi-billion dollar scam for years and years? Bernie was just such a “captivating storyteller” that they got “distracted.” The whole Allied Capital thing? They though it was that wily David Einhorn, trying to throw people off his trail! Today comes word the Commission has added another notch to this particular bedpost, via letting a guy who turned himself go off and get his MBA for a few years before charging him with fraud. Read more »

Time was, the MBA candidates at Harvard were by and large white boys of debatable attractiveness looking for a cushy gig at Goldman upon graduation. Those guys are still there. But know who else is too? Chicks! Good looking ones! Who don’t give a rat’s ass about working on Wall Street. What praytell are they doing at HBS? Looking to get a leg up in the fashion world. For example, former model Olga Vidisheva. This her story.

…the 25-year-old Russian model with piercing green eyes and a 24-inch waist, struts into class, her fellow students at Harvard Business School snap up from their laptops. The 5-foot-8 stunner, who loves labels like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, stands out in a sea of crew-cut, khaki-wearing nerds. After graduating from Wellesley in 2007, the beauty from Moscow logged two grueling years working at Goldman Sachs. “I really gave it a shot,” she sighs. Upon realizing that finance wasn’t for her, she enrolled at HBS for an unlikely reason—to get a leg up in the fashion world. She spent this past summer in a coveted internship with Chanel’s marketing department in New York and hopes to score a plum job in fashion after graduating in 2011.

And Olga’s not just some sort of freak accident. Apparently there are lots of Olga’s running around campus. Read more »