• 06 Jun 2011 at 2:54 PM

Meredith Whitney Adds 10 New States To Her Sh*t List

MDubs has issued a new state budget and debt report and Arizona, Nevada, Connecticut, Wisconsin? Might want to run. (Also, re last year’s prediction on muni bond defaults- she was just ball-parking, no one should’ve taken those numbers at face value.) Read more »

Last fall, Meredith Whitney made a prediction. Perhaps you remember it? It was part of a report called “Tragedy of the Commons,” wherein the analyst said that there would be “hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth” of municipal-bond defaults a’ coming. While some agreed with her, a vocal contingent did not. Charlie Gasparino, for instance, said that in his infinite wisdom, Whitney’s call suggested she “had been lobotomized.” Now, after several months and dozens of calls to the cops to request they remove Chaz, standing on her lawn yelling “Show me your books, Whitney!”, does MW stand by her analysis? You bet your ass she does and you what to know another thing? She welcomes the haters. Read more »

  • 30 Mar 2011 at 3:33 PM

Jamie Dimon: 100 Municipalities Might Bite The Dust

Don’t freak out though, it’s not a big deal. Uncle D says this is nothing to worry about. Read more »

Is there some sort of rules that says if you cut earnings you must tell people why? If so MDubs is changing them a little bit. She’ll slash and let you know her thinking when she gets around to it, maybe. Why? Because she’s the Dollar Dom and she can do WHATEVER SHE WANTS! Read more »

Over the weekend, USA Today ran an interview with Meredith Whitney, conducted by Maria Bartiromo, about her muni bond call. Perhaps you read it? Charlie Gasparino did and he’s so angry he can hardly see straight and has a whole host of questions he wants answered. But let’s backtrack a second. Chaz was surprised to see the interview at all, given that probing of Meredith’s prediction last fall by, CG says, “reporters like myself” resulted in the analyst retreating from the spotlight. But she agreed to this one and Charlie is pretty sure he knows why. Veins bulging and sweat pouring down his neck, Charlie posited today it’s because his former CNBC colleague was more than happy to “serve as a conduit for Whitney’s initial absurd claim.” Read more »

  • 21 Mar 2011 at 2:45 PM

Meredith Whitney’s Got Good News And Less Good News

You don’t have a lot of bad news through May and June. And then you have some real challenges coming after June as housing starts to decelerate again as foreclosures resume and inventory really comes on the market. Investors who are looking for a strong second half may be disappointed. You may see a repeat of what happened last year. And inflation is a real issue. But for the next couple of months the markets should continue to do well. [USA via NetNet]

“I think her general sense was correct,” he said this morning on Squawk Box. “You weren’t getting compensated for the risk as an investor and that’s an important call and that’s something people need to hear from time to time.” [CNBC]

This much they promise you. Read more »