Michelle Caruso Cabrera

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In what appears to now be a series of desk-side interviews on a Flip-Cam, MCC tells colleague Brian Steel that she likes basketball because the players are tall and the 40 pairs of shoes she bought in the two days after Lehman Brothers went under, including her favorites (a pair of Christian Louboutins for $100). Read more »

  • 14 Oct 2010 at 3:07 PM

How To Make The Ultimate CNBC Segment

The following elements should be involved (Source: CNBC employee handbook, handed out to all on-air talent on their first day on the job):

* 1 guy in a kilt

* An intense moustache

* A bottle of booze (here’s where you can get creative: could be a $150,000 bottle of whiskey or your favorite flavor of Boone’s Farm, doesn’t matter)

* Questions like, “what have you got in that bushy pouch?”

* A CNBC anchor who goes by the motto “I’m here for the party”

* Lively dialogue such as:

Guest: What I want you to do is put it in your mouth and hold it.

MCC: Put it in my mouth? You shouldn’t say that to me [the suggestion being, you *should* say that to me]

Guest: Keep it in there keep it in there keep it in there

MCC: [Laughing]

Guest: Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it

* Supremely awkward reaction shots of co-anchors

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If you are part of the on-air talent team at CNBC, you must write a book. It’s in the contract. The network knows the people want it and why deny the people the musings of these celebrated raconteurs? It’d border on criminal. David Faber and the Jabroni Pony’s tomes came out last year, Maria Bartiromo has done two in the last three months, we’re told Mark Haines is putting the finishing touches on his memoir, Let Me Tell You What I Really Think Of These People and the latest contribution to literature and understanding comes from Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. You may not know it but this woman has seen a lot in her years in the markets. The nightmare of ’73-’74; the joys of being at the ground floor when JWM was gearing up the boys at Solly; the coke-fueled days riding the Nasdaq like a Thai hooker during the late ’90s, then riding it down. She was cutting her teeth trading EM bonds when most of you were crapping yellow, so maybe consider taking a listen. Read more »

  • 18 Jun 2010 at 1:55 PM

CNBC Announces New Tagline

michellecarusocabrera.jpgOr was it the other way around? Gawker reports that Baldwin told his agent to set up a meeting with MCC, after admiring her on TV. Apparently a phone conversation resulted, during which Michelle’s right-wing politics were made obvious to Baldy (which John Carney points out would have only come as a shock to AB if he were watching CNBC on mute, as Michelle is quite vocal about her politics). The noted liberal was apparently turned off, and nothing happened after that.

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