Not six weeks out of prison and Lenny Dykstra is wasting no time raising funds for what we hope is another billion dollar business venture or bid to reclaim Wayne Gretzky’s house. If you can get yourself to White Plains this weekend, you won’t be disappointed. Read more »

Despite reports that he was going to be released in time for Father’s Day, Nails actually ended up saying good-bye to his friends at the Victorville Federal Correctional Complex yesterday afternoon. Read more »

That’s, right, everyone: while you’re celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday, take some time to raise a glass to the release of Lenny Dykstra from a California prison, a whopping 21 months early! Obviously Lenny–sentenced to three years for “acting as if he was above the law” by “looting valuables from his $18 million mansion north of Los Angeles and secretly selling them after his bankruptcy filing in 2009,” on top of “trying to lease cars using phony business cards and credit information,” as well as dropping trou in front of a cleaning lady– will want to make the most of his newfound freedom, AKA The Summer of Lenny, but he’ll probably be also looking to make some cash. As he’s presumably no longer employable in the traditional sense, this is where you come in. Read more »

Legendary Jim Cramer-endorsed investor Lenny Dykstra may have been disappointed when neither Charlie Sheen nor Hollywood producer Jonathan Heap came through to bail him out from jail where he’s awaiting trail on charges of defrauding creditors, stealing cars, possessing coke and exposing himself to a series of maids found on Craigslist. But if his time on Wall Street taught Nails anything, it was always to have a margin of safety, which in this case meant autographing one hundred “Free Nails” t-shirts before he went to jail so that he can now sell them to raise bail money.
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Back in January, Lenny Dykstra was accused of sexually harassing his housekeeper, who claimed that LD forced her to “give him oral sex on Saturdays.” At the time, Dykstra scoffed at the allegations, telling a reporter that he was the victim of extortion and “If she was assaulted on Saturdays, I’m a ballerina dancer on Sundays.” Charges were never filed (prosecutors cited a lack of evidence), which Nails apparently took as a sign that this kind of interaction with your cleaning lady is not in fact frowned upon and continued spending his weekends dancing Swan Lake on Sundays after dropping trou in various maids’ faces on Saturdays. Read more »

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Lenny Dykstra Will Protect This House!

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