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Times Square may be a Dantean circle of hell, but it’s Nasdaq’s Dantean circle of hell. It’s also a telegenic Dantean circle of hell, or at least one that media types find conveniently reached from their own Dantean circles of hell. So they’re sprucing the place behind the giant Nasdaq billboard up for the hacks who don’t seem to notice the decreasing importance of what else happens therein. Read more »

  • 15 Jan 2014 at 3:26 PM

Nasdaq Quits Thankless Job It Isn’t Any Good At

You’ll have to get your quote and trade data from someone else (by which we mean the New York Stock Exchange). In two years. Maybe. Read more »

They might have gotten away with doing nothing at least until Microsoft stops supporting the OS in 2015. But then there was that unfortunate incident in August. Read more »

Dow 16,000. S&P 500 1,800. And, at long last, for the first time since the Clinton administration, Nasdaq 4,000. Read more »

Unlike the Dow or the S&P, the Nasdaq Composite Index isn’t going to break any records this year. That will have to wait until next year, and that is assuming that the Nasdaq can do next year what it’s done this year, which is beat both the Dow and S&P and return 30%-plus.

Given said 30%-plus return this year (32.92% and counting), and given all the hoopla that surrounded the other indices’ record-setting ways, it would have been very nice, at least, for the Nasdaq to settle at or above a nice, round number, one that it hasn’t seen in 13 years. Well, that, too, will have to wait for another day. Read more »

  • 18 Nov 2013 at 5:05 PM

NYSE, Nasdaq Usher In New Era Of Good Feelings

The two have a plan to keep the information flowing except in the perhaps not-as-unlikely-as-we’d-like event that both of them screw up simultaneously. Read more »