New Canaan

If you were going to try and extort money Bear Stears alum, how would you do it? Would you call him at his new job and talk trash about his wife? Would you call his house and tell his wife he was running around on her with another woman? Would you call his mother-in-law in New Jersey and breathe heavily into the phone? Or would you bring out the big guns and start sending pizzas, sometimes 20 at a time, to his home in New Canaan, as a sign you really meant business? Donato Anthony Minicozzi chose all of the above. Read more »

If you were a financial adviser hoping to make a name for yourself by ripping off clients, how would you do it? Clients get ripped off on the reg, so it’d have to be something particularly depraved, right? Right. The plan hatched by Paula Halloran, a New Canaan resident previously employed by Smith Barney, and her husband Michael Michelsen was pretty straight forward but it got the job done. Theirs was to steal money from an 81 year-old lady who perhaps would’ve caught on sooner, had she not had Alzheimer’s and dementia. Read more »

Late last week, a New Cannan resident, Janie Konidaris was charged with lying to the police about a helicopter landing near her house the previous Saturday morning. When first questioned about it, Konidaris told them she’d didn’t recall seeing a chopper that day, but when the fuzz came back, she told them that in fact there had been a helicopter, which had landed on her lawn to pick up her husband, Jason Konidaris, Global Head of Syndicate at SAC. Read more »