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Thanks, boss.The next president of the United States—and many of her colleagues up on Capitol Hill—don’t think much of New York Fed President Bill Dudley. When they look at his goofy smile, all they see is a lack of “rigorous accountability for conflicts of interest and failures of oversight.” Someone “essentially… hired by the people” he’s regulating; someone who might be best put out to pasture.

Janet Yellen? She isn’t having any of it. Read more »

Still looking for that revolving door he's heard so much about.The New York Fed president (for now) is sticking with his story that his little corner of the central bank isn’t just a giant recruiting firm for Wall Street. But if it were a revolving door, let’s not forget that revolving doors go both ways. Read more »

Any takers?If Congress really thinks that Bill Dudley is doing such an extraordinarily shitty job of running the New York Fed, as it very clearly does, Bill Dudley would be happy to see them try to find someone better. Or at least stop complaining about how people like Bill Dudley wind up running things like the New York Fed. Read more »

  • 08 Oct 2014 at 5:00 PM
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Citi’s Bout Of Montezuma’s Revenge Not Entirely Unforeseeable

La Casa de Corbat may have had an inkling about the problems that led to its $400 million Mexican nightmare. Or it may not have read all of those long, boring missives that the New York Fed insisted on sending year after year. Read more »

This and other conclusions were reached by a not-so-top-secret report commissioned by his successor at the New York Fed. Other conclusions: the regulator could stand to start speaking up, having useful ideas, not being afraid of Goldman Sachs. Read more »

  • 14 Mar 2014 at 12:50 PM

Fed Looked Into Rategate A While Back

But the central bank must not have looked very hard, as it found nothing untoward enough to warrant any serious attention. Read more »

Snowflake Greenberg is going hungry tonight. Read more »

Someone important, no less! And he’d really like it if the folks in Basel could speed things up and grow some balls, re: OTC derivatives. Read more »