David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital: “Cranberry sauce — not from the can, just cranberries and sugar.” Julian Robertson, Tiger Management: “Wild rice.” Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs: “Oysters — not shucked by me.” Glenn Dubin, Highbridge Capital Management: “I love turkey. I would love to eat turkey all year round, because I’m a chicken person.” David Hasselhoff, actor: “I miss the dish my mother used to make: it was green beans, with a layer of marshmallows, and corn flakes on top.” [Bloomberg via LaurenTaraLaCapra, RELATED]

Perhaps you’ve competed in on the job eating challenges before, maybe even successfully. A few Double Downs here, a couple of vending machine items there. Probably felt pretty good about yourself, too. “I can shovel food down my mouth like a pro,” you might have said to a colleague who was equally impressed by your feats of gastrointestinal fortitude, right? WRONG. You have zero reason to be cocky about your so-called binge-eating abilities, according to Sonya Thomas, AKA the Black Widow. Read more »

Retired NFL player Bryce Fisher is a University of Chicago Booth School of Business student who will graduate next year. This summer he’s interning in Bank of America’s LevFin group. He’s 6’3, 265 pounds and whereas his fellow interns would probably pass out at the sight of a stack of Double Downs, hundreds of oysters or the entire contents of a vending machine, all he sees is a light lunch. Think about it.

‘Cause this thing is being slapped together ASAP, people. Oliver Stone was in the Power Merchant Group’s office at 40 Wall Street Friday for about just under an hour, scouting locations for the sequel, tentatively scheduled to start shooting this summer. (In related news, PMG is the employer of Oyster Boy, meaning there’s a chance we’ll get that shellfish eating contest plotline yet!)
Update: The clock is ticking faster than we thought. O-stones was spotted on the floor of the NYSE today, presumably searching for money shots.
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  • 21 Jul 2008 at 11:44 AM

Still Calling For Submissions

Well, gang, I have to hand it to you. Despite some extremely disappointing early attempts to match the gastrointestinal fortitude of local hero Oyster Boy, you really redeemed yourselves. Not by the successful completion of some equivalent feat, of course, but by coming up with a bunch of decidedly not lame suggestions for OB’s next eating-related challenge. So– great job! Now, down to business. We’ve been in touch with OB and, so far, his three favorite missions are:

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True Story: Yesterday at around 5pm at Ulysses on Stone Street…Ian Roncoroni, an energy otc options broker for Power Merchants Group…ate 244 Oysters in 1 hour. He also collected $3500 bucks for his efforts.