The woman with three parking spots around the corner simply wanted the tandem spots more than the guy with the two next to them. Read more »

How does one know when they’ve made it in Connecticut? Is it when their net worth is north of $5 billion? Is it when news of their impending arrival downtown causes workers to roll out the fleece carpet? Is it when the Radio City Christmas Spectacular becomes known as the poor man’s version of the holiday light display on their front lawn? Is it when they can finger a horse and no one says anything? None of the above, peasants. One knows they’ve made it in Connecticut when they can board the Metro North train without having to walk 12 miles to the platform in the morning and the same amount back after getting bombed on the way home at night.

In the Metro-North parking lots along Connecticut’s Gold Coast, the haves and the have-nots aren’t defined by their clothes, car or even their net worth. Here, it’s about whether they have a flimsy green piece of paper visible on their dashboards. A public parking pass in this and other towns along the Long Island Sound has become a precious asset. The waiting list for a Fairfield Parking Authority permit has 4,200 people and stretches past six years. In another town, Rowayton, the annual permit sale is an epic frenzy similar to that surrounding the release of a new iPhone, with residents camping out overnight to ensure they get a $325 pass.

Think it’s no big D? Think again. Most people would sell their first born into White slavery for one of these elusive bad boys. Read more »

…if we’re counting owning a team’s parking lots and garages as owning a piece of the team and I think we are! Read more »

Not sure if any of you have learned this lesson yet but let it be known, there is no justice in the world of parking your damn car wherever you want. Richard Grubman learned this the hard way Tuesday night, when he attempted to leave his vehicle, a 2007 BMW X5 SUV, in a lot at the Ritz reserved only for residents. After being informed by a valet that the mom-mobile would have to be moved, the Highfields Capital manager chose to do what anyone in his position probably would, which was to throw an obscenities-laced “curbside fit.” Not feeling his message was sufficiently being communicated, Grubs then threw his keys in the valet’s face, “striking him in the upper lip area.” It was at that moment, while the blood gushed from the worker’s face that Rich asked himself a serious question– “What can I do to top this? People are going to talk about the incident and when they do I want them to focus so not much on the fact that I’m a self-important prick but the total fucking lunatic aspect.” And that’s when it came to him. Read more »