party boats

“Moar Theta.” Get it? And look, there’s a middle-aged white guy on it. In Chicago. Do the math, people! Read more »

Earlier this month, Denis Abrams, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway-owned Benjamin Moore was fired, because, one story claimed, he’d arranged a “corporate trip to Bermuda on the company tab,” which included an “island dinner cruise aboard a yacht some believed was owned by singer Jimmy Buffett.” According to Warren Buffett, however, that is a bald-faced lie and any suggestion otherwise is downright offensive. Abrams was fired over a “strategy disagreement” and, more importantly, Buffett would never can anyone for mixing it  up on a booze cruise, a point he cannot stress enough, in case anyone out there was considering not inviting him to their next bash. In case you hadn’t noticed, Nebraska is landlocked and there is nothing WB loves more than knocking back a few while strolling the deck and mentioning to other ‘cruisers that “the water is freezing and there aren’t enough lifeboats– not enough by half. [pause] I’m just kidding, let me buy you another drink.” Read more »