• 24 Jan 2014 at 2:49 PM
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The Political Science Majors Shall Inherit The Earth

Or Wall Street, at least: So sayeth Duke poli. sci. alum David Rubenstein, who is apparently bored to tears by all of you Wharton B.S.s and math majors, what with your inability to think critically or quote Rousseau. Read more »

Being Steve Schwarzman Means Never Having To Stay Home

Happy Birthday Mr. SchwarzmanApparently a quiet night at home in the largest living room in Manhattan wasn’t cutting it for Stephen Schwarzman. His birthday celebration was certainly toned down from the multimillion bash at the Armory the year before. But he still managed to make it out for the night with his wife Christine Schwarzman. The couple was spotted by spies for Page Six at Le Cirque on Schwarzman’s birthday, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day.
DealBreaker was unable to determine if Schwarzman ordered the crab salad.
A Night Of Love [Page Six]