“It is be the best in the world.” We should give thanks and “stop shooting each other.”

  • 09 May 2011 at 1:24 PM

Why Is Tom Brady At Goldman Sachs Today? (Update)

We have no idea but apparently he’s been spotted “cruising around the trading floor with a bunch of senior guys this afternoon, shaking hands, etc, with hair that looks like it hasn’t been cut in months.” Wild speculation encouraged at this time. Read more »

Hey Patriots fans– have you seen a guy walking his Maltese around Boston lately on a Jets leash? No? Well take a little fucking notice, because he’s doing it for YOU. So get angry, god damn it. Come up to him and punch in the face or something. Seriously, he wants you to.

Pete Mulieri is an ex-New Yorker and now a stockbroker at Investment Technology Group in Boston, who walks his dog on a New York Jets leash and wears a Jets jersey to provoke New England Patriots fans.“I do rub it in,” said Mulieri, 52.

The leash and Jersey taunting, of course, is just part of Mulieri’s attack. Read more »

If she has to, she has to.

So give it up for them says the bank’s chief economist. Read more »