“Italy’s Casanovas Hit Where It Hurts” the headline declares, and where it hurts is in the wallet and by extension in the pants. The European financial crisis has claimed many victims– from the scores of unemployed who have no hope of finding a job, to the people who can no longer afford to put a roof over their family’s heads– but the ones hit the hardest? The ones whose plight tugs most violently at the heartstrings? Italian men who in good times were able to keep dozens of women in the rotation and now can’t even afford one measly mistress. Who previously spent lunch eating a “tasty treat” and now have only a tasty treat, no wink-wink, to look forward to. They are the Casanovas– strike that, ex-Casanovas of Italy and this is their story. Read more »

There is an inverse relationship between penis size and hedge fund performance, one study of a nine-month period shows. Read more »