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Meet Ashley Judd!

Or Jenna Elfman! Or Whoopi Goldberg! All you need is $2.5 million, $150,000 you’re willing to part with and you, too, could have a director’s chair with your name on the back. Maybe even a 30% to 60% return. Read more »

Like the elderly couple that has money in the bank but nevertheless scrimps and saves every last scrap of food because they lived through the depression, flashbacks to John Thain skipping board meetings to powwow with decorators to select the finest drapes and trashcans money could buy keeps Greg Fleming in check. Read more »

“People are angry because they want to blame somebody else. They don’t take responsibility for their own goddamn lives. ‘I’ve never been promoted, because they don’t like me and there were these guys at AIG, look at them they have free lunches and EZ Pass and look at me I don’t get a free lunch.’ These people make me nuts. Get off your goddamn ass and do something. That’s what the people at AIG did, They picked up their asses and went to work.” [Pressler, related]

Alternatively, things are looking up for those hoping to romance an Olympic synchronized swimmer. Read more »

You’re Getting Stiffed On Snacks

If someone were to tell you that on a comparative basis, you were getting lapped by government employees when it came to compensation and perks, you’d probably find that 1) downright offensive and 2) extremely hard to believe. Maybe you work at allegedly prestigious hedge fund or investment bank. Maybe they tell you that the food they stock in their pantry is the best you can find on the Street. Maybe they plied you with promises of the most delicious refreshments money can buy and maybe they even closed you on the state of the art trading floor fondue pot and men’s room barista. Maybe they thought you had you fooled about the opportunities elsewhere.

For those duking out the perks sections of a new contract, don’t let yourself be taken for a fool. Read more »

The Mets’ deal to sell a minority stake in the team for $200 million to David Einhorn, a hedge fund manager, is finished except for completing the deal’s paperwork, said one person briefed on the sale. [NYT, earlier]

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Want A Free iPad?

Get a job at JPMorgan. Read more »

SUPER excited? Read more »