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Greek god. Philosopher. Adonis. The only person on earth who has earned the right to have an opinion about anything. All appropriate characterizations of one Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and the way at least three-quarters of all living homo sapiens have described NNT in their conversations with friends and in their diaries. And while his many admirers have surely studied him in great detail in the hopes of one day having the opportunity to unlock his heart or simply bask in his reflected glory for a moment or two, not everyone has a comprehensive list of the things that rev Taleb’s engine and, more importantly, that tick him off. Luckily, a recent profile by Chronicle writer Tom Bartlett has produced a near-complete guide to the likes and dislikes of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Read it, print it out, carry it in your pocket– but really, consider taking the time to commit it to memory. Your chance may only come along once and you don’t want to fuck it up by fumbling around your notes because you can’t remember what his thoughts are on “bourgeois bohemian bonus earners” or fruit. Read more »

Yesterday we mentioned newly divorced single mom Cheryl Mercuris, of the Tampa Bay Mercurises, was looking for a new husband. To that end, she’d invested her (own) money (she’s a “direct marketing entrepreneur”) in a $250,000/week rental in Bridgehampton. At the time, any of you scoffed at this flagrant waste of money but Cheryl, a “a self-made millionaire” knew you gotta spend money to make money. And following yesterday’s personal ad in the Post announcing her presence out East, Single and Ready To Mingle reports the plan is paying off in spades. Read more »

Cheryl Mercuris, of the Tampa Bay Mercurises, is a recently divorced mother who you can find out in the Hamptons for the next two weeks. She’s looking for a new husband, and lest you think she’s not serious about this task, Mercuris has made a sizable investment in her future, by renting out a home in Bridgehampton for $250,000 a week. Cheryl loves the men she’s met so far (she’s been “mingling with hedge-fund managers and Wall Street lawyers”) because unlike the bums in Florida like, a certain xay usbandhay of hers, these guys are very “career-oriented.” She says she’s not on “a mission” or anything like that but in the event you’re interested, here are the relevant details: Read more »