Crispin Odey is the founder of Odey Asset Management, a sausage brand ambassador, and a guy who unwittingly made fellow hedge fund manager Philip Falcone’s life* a living hell when he pulled this stunt: Read more »

  • 03 Apr 2012 at 2:59 PM

Who Wants To Adopt Anna Gristina’s Pigs?

Back in March, a woman named Anna Gristina was arrested for allegedly running a whorehouse out of an East 78th Street apartment, with plans to go global. In that time, we’ve learned a good bit about Gristina (who goes by Anna Scotland professionally), who currently remains incarcerated on Riker’s Island. For instance, at the time of her arrest, she was meeting with a friend and broker who was supposedly helping her line up financing to expand the venture (which she maintains was an upscale dating site), she paid her hookers well, and she was an animal lover. Emphasis on the past tense because apparently anyone can be an animal lover until push comes to shove and mommy needs money for legal fees. Then it’s good-bye lush accommodations upstate, hello slaughterhouse. Read more »

  • 14 Feb 2012 at 1:26 PM

Hank Greenberg Might Beg To Differ

Consumers’ “better halves” will shell out the most on their partners, with the average person planning to spend $74.12 on their spouse or significant other, up from $68.98 last year. Additionally, consumers will spend and average of $25.25 on their children, parents or other family members and $6.92 on friends….the average person will spend about $4.52 on their pets. [WaPo, earlier]

  • 03 Jan 2012 at 5:59 PM

Bonus Watch ’11: How Much Do You Want It?

It would probably be safe to say that many of you came back to work today with one thought on your mind: this year’s bonus for last year’s work and, to that end, the hope that it would include at least 6 zeros. Here’s the rub: your firm may or may not have made any money last year. What’s a financial services employee expecting zilch to do? If you’ve ruled out resigning yourself to taking up the tailpipe or missed your chance to rob a Wells Fargo practically begging for it, the question you need ask yourself is, which is more important to you– money in the bank, or Mr. Fluffernuterbojangles Jr, who you’ve had since college? Read more »

Thinking about getting divorced (for a first, second or third time)? When it comes time to divide assets, which are you more willing to take your ex to court over- kids or dog? According to a new study- by the people who brought you the statistic that 87% of adulterous financial services employees cheat with colleagues- the majority of divorcing bankers could take the kids or leave them but really want that damn dog. Read more »

Early last week, we were alerted to a message board containing a comment by a woman who accosted Bill Ackman at a recent General Growth Properties hearing. In it, she recounted their meeting and although perhaps mentally unstable, had a genius idea on her hands. Here is the relevant text:

“I waited Till Mr. Ackman was not talking to anyone, and shook his hand and told him he was one of my heros. He asked me who I was and I said I was a proud tenant and Artist at the South Street Seaport, and prould shareholder. He said I looked like a Artist, I told him thats what people said last time I was in GGP’s hearing. I told him the next German Shepard dog I get I will name him Bill Ackman, and the last German Shepard I had was named Warren Buffet [ all true ] I told him that I used to get cards from my Vet that said Warren Buffett needed his rabies and distemper shots.I told him I would send him the cards about Bill Ackman dog for his shots. He laughed and I feel I amused him, slightly charmed him and was slightly foolish. LOL!!!

Obviously, we were inspired and immediately dispatched someone to purchase a fluffy white cat for the Dealbreaker office. We named it after our favorite hedge fund manager and moving forward, will be providing you with daily updates of our time together. Here’s how life with Stevie has been going so far. Read more »

I don’t think I have to tell you that the SEC has been stepping up its game like crazy these last few months. They had a stern talking to with one of their employees about cutting back on his tranny porn surfing time on the job, they busted that “psychic” money manager , and now they’ve reaffirmed their commitment to protecting the capital markets by barring a trader from the industry for accepting car service from a broker he traded with without disclosing the conflict of interest. That’s “bribery” and it ain’t happening on Mary Schapiro’s watch.

They also nailed his buddy to the wall for accepting rent and travel costs for himself, his relatives, and his pet. Read more »