• 21 Jan 2014 at 2:36 PM

Here Is A Wolf In No One’s Clothing

“Vaguely inspired by Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street,” ANIMAL New York did a little photo shoot yesterday wherein a model posed topless on and around Wall Street while wearing a wolf mask. The photos of said wolf buying gum, reading the paper, posing next to The Bull, and waiting for the 2/3 can be viewed here; while they are most certainly NOT SAFE FOR WORK, if your employer sent you home early in anticipation of the PolarVortexapocolypse2.0, perhaps you can take some time with them there. [AnimalNY]

“Will we see Larry Page on the cover of Vogue?” [Charlie] Rose asked. “It wasn’t the cover,” Mayer corrected, clearly embarrassed. She went on to say that the photo was unplanned and “out of necessity.” The photographer Mikael Jansson’s assignment was to capture an unconventional CEO in an unconventional pose — sitting ladylike on the chaise wasn’t going to cut it. When Jansson suggested she lay upside down, she hesitated. He assured her it would “look good” and so she went for it. [Mashable via Fashionista, earlier]

[New York Times]

1. What does he bench?
2. Would it have killed the photographer to get a shot of him wailing on his pecs?
3. Does that polo wick sweat?
4. How does he find the motivation on the days working out is the last thing he wants to do?
5. Will there be a follow-up story and series of photos featuring him going head to head with James D. Robinson III (far left), the former chairman of American Express who “can leg-press 900 pounds, leaving fellow gym members in awe.” (“I wanted to do 1,000, but they wouldn’t let me,” Robinson told the Times.) Read more »

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Presenting: Executive Bitches

For Valentine’s Day this year, Fortune put together a slideshow of various executives, analysts, fund managers, and disgraced AIG CEOs posing with their one true loves– their dogs. For the big names who missed the deadline to submit photos, fear not– this feature is clearly going to become an annual thing. For those already mentally directing a photoshoot of yourself and Jamie the Younger, maybe running down Park Ave or shooting hoops at the Garden, you might first consider looking to this year’s pioneering efforts for inspiration.

For instance, in addition to putting your love for each other on display, why not use the opportunity to showcase your credentials, as “Fortune All-Star Analyst” Mike Mayo does here? Read more »

“He pretty much does anything you ask him to,” Antonio Espinosa, an MBA candidate at Notre Dame told the Wall Street Journal today of Warren Buffett. Espinosa was specifically referring to the time-honored photoshoots Buffett stars in several times a year after having lunch (chicken parmesan and root beer floats) with business students and driving them around in his Cadillac. Where the willingness to do “anything” comes into play is after taking a “serious shot,” suitable for featuring in the family newsletter, when Buffett does a “funny pose” with each participant, who is granted free reign on direction. Among the most recent group, there was a junior at Northern Arizona University who requested WB act like he was proposing to her (“Please take me. Please have me,” he begged); a Northwestern finance major who asked a classmate to “help her tug on Mr. Buffett, one woman on each side, so it would look like they were fighting over him for a date”; another Wildcat who “asked Mr. Buffett to mimic the famous pose from ‘Home Alone,’ by putting hands to his head and making a silent scream”; and a second year at University of Toronto’s b-school, who told him “I’m going to whisper something in your ear– pretend I’m saying something very exciting!” (“he started making these noises, like “Oooh!”‘). Unfortunately, not everything always goes according to plan. Read more »

Mitt Romney says he knows a photo in which he appears with other executives at Bain Capital LLC posing with cash in their hands, pockets and mouths will be used against him if he wins the Republican presidential nomination. The 1980s image — called the “Gordon Gekko” photo by some Democrats, a reference to the Michael Douglas character in the movie “Wall Street” — offers an easy attack line at a time of high unemployment and sharp rhetoric against the nation’s top money managers, investors and bankers. “We posed for a picture, just celebrating the fact that we had raised a lot of money and then we hoped to be able to return it with a good return,” Romney said on “Fox News Sunday.” [Bloomberg, earlier]

Casting A Long Shadow In Hedge Funds [Dan’s Hamptons via BI]

So far, just one that we know of, though that doesn’t mean more aren’t waiting to come out of the woodwork. Read more »