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  • 08 Dec 2010 at 5:20 PM

Tom Hudson Has A Tiering System For His Pirate Swag

At least, that’s what one might gather from the fact that some potential investors receive just Doubloons with their market materials, while others get pirate-branded currency and mouse pads. Read more »

Here’s one: despite all we know about hedge fund manager Tom Hudson– that the depths of this grown man’s pirate obsession have translated to one firm named Pirate Capital (where a swashbuckling mascot stood in the lobby and minnow fights took place on the floor for the staff’s entertainment); an interim organizations where receptionists answered the phone “Good morning, Captain Jack”; and a second act firm called Doubloon Capital, whose flagship flagship fund is called Pieces of Eight, which refers to both the nickname of the Spanish dollar, “long tied to the lore of piracy” and the Pieces of Eight Cruise Ship, “fun for the whole family” if you’re in the Ft. Meyers, Florida area– would you still think he’d take the pirate theme one step further? That he would be of the opinion that using it in pitches with potential investors would get them to want to hand over their money not less but way more? No? Then you have underestimated this captain’s fetish. Read more »

  • 17 Jun 2010 at 5:00 PM

Wedding Bells For Tom Hudson!

Other than his pirate fetish, one thing Pirate Capital and Doubloon Capital founder Tom Hudson is known for is his love of a) getting married and b) soft rock ballads. So much so that, you may recall, he hired not one but two of Michael Bolton’s daughters, Isa and Holly (who were employed in a variety of capacities including investor relations, stock picker, fluffer and girlfriend. The two left Pirate a some time ago, and while it hurt, Hudson moved on with some delightful women he met on SugarDaddy.com. He married one of them a year or so ago but sadly things did not work about. But great news! We’re told by a person familiar with the matter, yet another special lady friend has agreed to swab Tom’s deck for all time. That’s right kids– Hudson is getting married again.

Thought you’d get a kick to know Hudson’s getting married AGAIN this Sunday, to a Raquel-something. And yes, she works at his new fund now too. I think this is #6 plus at least 5 additional broken engagements that I know of.

doublooncapital.JPGFirst, some housekeeping. As you’re aware, a few months back, Tom Hudson made the seemingly wise decision to distance himself from the Pirate Capital name and all that it stands for (including but not limited to ass-bleeding, cockminnow fights on the floor, the (spawn of) Michael Bolton, the fall-out associated from nailing the spawn of Michael Bolton, the AUM shrinkage, and the Sugar Daddy dot com). He did so by instructing the intern manning the phone at the 800 Connecticut Avenue office in Norwalk not to answer “Pirate Capital” but “Captain Jack” and, more symbolically, by putting the actual pirate that had stood in the lobby for years into storage. Now, for reasons that have yet to reveal themselves but no doubt stem from Hudson’s ridiculous, all-consuming, uncanny, really rather impressive and heretofore unmatched fetish for men who wear eye-patches, he’s going by the name Doubloon Capital, which the naive among you will assume is a reference to a poker chip when in reality it’s part of Tom-bone’s sick addiction he just can’t quit. Anyway! He’s looking for some warm bodies. No experience necessary.

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  • 17 Nov 2009 at 10:55 AM

Pirate Capital Captain Jack Is Hiring!

captainjack.jpgLast night we got a piece of devastating news. The Pirate that has stood in the lobby of Pirate Capital’s 800 Connecticut Avenue office in Norwalk has gone missing. That’s right– the mascot who’s been there through it all– through the cockminnow fights on the floor, the trips to PetSmart, the proxy battle tee-shirts, the (spawn of) Michael Bolton years, the (spawn of) Michael Bolton abandonment, the AUM shrinkage, and the Sugar Daddy Days– is no longer. And this got us worried. We hadn’t heard from Tom Hudson and the swashbucklers in quite some time, and despite what we figured were assets under management of about 15-large, and the news that Tommy Boy had literally dug his own grave, we just thought that things would be okay. And then this. Getting rid of a stupid Pirate mascot might not seem like a big deal to some other fund managers but for Tom Hudson and his well known eye-patch fetish, it does not bode well. And it gets worse.

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