A Porsche 911 Turbo that appears to have been originally owned by Dick Fuld is on sale for $60,000. Read more »

  • 01 Feb 2011 at 12:45 PM

Lap Dancer HSBC Analyst Went To Jail For Speaks

A couple weeks ago, we met Toby Carroll, a New Zealand-born real estate analyst for HSBC currently stationed in Dubai, who’d spent the last two months in prison. Carroll had ended up there after his ex-girlfriend, Priscilla Ferreira, found him and a new girl, Danielle Spencer, in his apartment and proceeded to start slashing curtains, furniture, etc, and go after the Danielle with a knife. The police were called and all three were put in jail.

Carroll has since been freed but faces charges of “sex outside marriage.” Last week his ex spoke, denying reports she had been dumped by Carroll a day before she caught him in bed with Spencer, and claiming they were going to get married. Today Spencer, who “lapdanced her way across the USA and Australia” before relocating to Abu Dhabi where she found work “in the property business,” has been good enough to add yet more color to the story. The new details include the fact that she was on her second and not first date with Toby when she went back to his place for “coffee,” a vivid description of being splayed out on her stomach when Priscilla jumped on top of her and why she didn’t fight back. Read more »

Earlier this month, we learned the extraordinary story of private equity guy Russell Stildolph and his flying Porsche, pictured at left. AltEnergy founder Stildoph’s 911 Carrera was airborne for 45 feet, possibly reaching a height of 35 feet, beore it struck the roof overhang and center support beam of an unsuspecting woman Norwalk woman’s home, before the car “fell backward and landed on its roof, facing away from the house.” Russell, whose blood alochol level was over .20 (the legal limit is under .08), said he didn’t recall anything from the evening except for the fact that he was only going 35 MPH. Today he was arraigned on charges of drunk driving, traveling “unreasonably fast,” failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to wear a seat belt, at which time his lawyer made several requests. Read more »

Yesterday we learned the extraordinary story of private equity guy Russell Stildolph, left, and his flying Porsche. At the time, we asked you to estimate how fast the Norwalk resident got his 911 Carrera up to before launching it 35 feet in the air and parking/crashing on the lawn of a woman not expecting to have a car striking the second story of her house. Today, some additional information has emerged. Read more »

Russel Stildolph is a Norwalk resident and the founder and Managing Director of Connecticut-based AltEnergy, a clean energy-focused private equity fund. Maybe you’ve taken meetings with him or seen him around downtown; if you have, you probably didn’t know that Stildolph has a secret. And that secret is simply this: he ownsleases a flying car. Read more »

As previously mentioned, Maxine Waters has been accused of some questionably ethical dealings. The Congresswoman from California has denied that she’s violated any house rules and as a result, will take part in a public hearing rather than admitting to any wrongdoing. Naturally you can expect any hearing involving Waters to be an extremely entertaining event but today the Boston Herald takes one for the team, raising a few points that ensure there will be a minimum of, ballparking it, 5 delightful awkward exchanges, vis-a-vis a pal of hers named Kevin who allegedly has a coke, sodomy and Porsche problem. Read more »

  • 08 Feb 2010 at 5:15 PM

Bonus Watch: Greenwich Connecticut Is Feeling Good Again

Picture 116.pngWe don’t have to tell you bitching about bonuses is getting boring. Thankfully, the good people of Greenwich have nothing bad to say about them, and are actually just happy things are getting back to normal. They are spending like it’s 2005 all over again, although they admit that they’ll have to go about their business in a more demure manner this time around. Decency, and whatnot. “Last year was a big downer,” said Michelle Brunwasser, a partner in the chic Weber art gallery. “Things are definitely better now, and a lot of it has to do with the bonuses.”

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