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“The movie was fiction…the problem is real.” Read more »

  • 25 Aug 2011 at 6:47 PM

Hide Yo Cleaning Ladies

Hide yo receptionists, hide yo bellhops, hide yo room service guys, hide yo in-house masseuses, hide yo Olive Garden cocktail waitresses, hide yo TKTS tellers, hide yo hookers from The Point, hide yo cab drivers, hide yo flight attendants, hide yo pilots, hide yo air traffic controllers. Read more »

The past few years have been an interesting time for Goldman Sachs. They’ve never lost “it” and in fact have only grown stronger, yet the public seems to have thought otherwise. It got to the point where GS employees were told point blank not to mention the firm’s name in public, and you’d be hard pressed find someone using the phrase “I work at Goldman Sachs” as a means to impress people or get laid. It was like bizarro universe; what’s up was down, what’s down was up and it was a confusing, scary time. But today, we’re happy to report that the universe once again make sense, according to Hollywood, which knows all. Read more »