That $10 million fine he slapped on Deloitte for doing shoddy work may be only the beginning, of both a crackdown on consultants and, even more likely, a run for state comptroller/attorney general/governor/president/city comptroller (the latter if there should be a hiccup in the former path). Read more »

  • 21 May 2013 at 5:40 PM

Herbalife Passes Over Deloitte, E&Y

After an exhaustive six-week long search, during which time it went without audited financial statements, nutritional supplements company and alleged pyramid scheme Herbalife has picked one of the three remaining options for the job. Read more »

This House Financial Services investigations subcommittee hatchet job on MF Global is, I don’t know, pretty reasonable and not-that-hatchety? It’s 100 pages and not exactly full of new news, but it’s a good read, stuff happens, there’s a clear story arc, heros and villains (kidding, just villains), you’re in suspense until the end. There’s some law of narrative that demands that every financial disaster be a parable for something, and the Fall of the House of Corzine obliges nicely. It reads like the sort of fairy tale where three whatevers come to the guy and tell him “repent repent a thing will happen” and each time he’s like “naaaah” but the third time the thing happens and he’s all “huh, wish I’d repented.”

The thing that was going to happen – which has the benefit of being inevitable in this report though I guess maybe not in real time – was that MF Global’s inventory of fairly short-dated peripheral Eurozone sovereign bonds, which it had bought and then financed via repo-to-maturity transactions, were going to be the death of it. And people kept telling Corzine that and he was all “I SAID NAAAAAH.” And then they were the death of it.

The first people who told him were his auditors at PwC in late 2010, who were troubled by how MF Global was accounting for the repos-to-maturity.1 The RTMs were accounted for as a sale plus a derivative purchase liability; the forward was required to be marked to market but MF Global used its own models to determine that the mark-to-market was so small as to be immaterial because Corzine was pretty sure the chances of default were low. PwC were unamused and advocated a mark-to-market that marked more to the actual market.

Corzine’s response was the best:2 Read more »

This is just a little head’s up, trick of the trade: if you’re considering circulating a “short list” of nominations for the hottest young female recruits at your company, asking your colleagues to remove your name before forwarding it on may not be enough to keep you out of HR’s line of fire. You might think so, but no. Read more »