Bloomberg reports that in response to a new decree by BofA’s recently promoted head of global equities distribution that salespeople must “attend at least 30 meetings a month with clients,” lest they be punished come payday, some frustrated worker-bees– who would just like to have one lunch or dinner or goddamn second alone and not in the company of a client who’d rather talk over the phone anyway, Jesus fuck– have resorted to broadening their definition of what constitutes a meal or meeting with a customer.* Read more »

  • 16 Jun 2010 at 2:22 PM

Zoe Cruz Wants To Thank John Mack

Before John Mack famously fired his gal-pal Zoe Cruz from Morgan Stanley a few years back, the two were best of friends. Peas in a pod. Bosom buddies. You get the idea. So it came as a bit of a shock when he decided to do the chivalrous thing by canning her because (choose one) a. (In some people’s estimation) she was to blame for the company losing a few billion dollars b. A lot of people disliked her and told Mack they would leave if he made Cruz CEO c. Mack had to blame either himself or Cruz for some losses and he chose her. d. She was, you know, a girl, and the boys didn’t like that. No one would have blamed her for proceeding to spend her days sticking pins in a Mack voodoo doll and/or keying his car. And while it’s entirely possible she did both those things right after getting the boot and prior to forming her own hedge fund, Voras Capital Management, at this point she’s apparently over it, and would actually like to give Mack, who she only refers to as “that prick” among friends and only before adding “I’m messing, of course”, a hand. Deal Journal reports:

Cruz recently gave a keynote address at a banquet at the Stanford School of Business. In October, she started her own hedge fund, Voras Capital Management, and says it was good to get the “shove” from her “comfort zone.”

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