run for your lives

The G-20 has come to Toronto! And with it, the threat of potentially angry protesters! Guess what though? The Canadians aren’t scared. Not at all, actually. They’re not gonna be pushed around and in fact, if you must know, they’ve got a plan, for how they’re gonna deal with these bullies. Several in fact. The first is to go home, lock the doors, get under the covers and not come out until it’s safe. The second is to tell anyone listening to piss off– they’re not going anywhere. This is their house (office) and they will defend it. And you wanna know something else? They’re not afraid anymore.

While most of Toronto’s companies in the financial district are sending employees home to avoid run-ins with G-20 demonstrators, workers at the StatPro North America, a provider of asset management software based there, will hunker down. The company’s office is on the border of the “red zone” — the two-block radius around the Metro Toronto Convention Center, where G-20 summit is being held. The city strongly recommended those in the area to leave. Andrew Peddar, chief operating officer of StatPro North America, said that the firm wanted to ensure that its clients, which include asset managers and hedge funds, could be assured of uninterrupted service during the week. The campout was the employees’ suggestion. That way, they’ll avoid potential disasters on the client front and also sidestep protestors. “We have sleeping bags, lot of food and lots of liquid,” said Peddar. The axes? “In case we need to break out.”

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  • 20 May 2010 at 5:36 PM

Roubini: Get Ready For The Double Dip!

Stocks to lose another 20 percent in value, according to The Doctor, who said we’re in for a “fiscal train wreck.”

  • 18 May 2010 at 4:40 PM

Gird Your Loins, Jim Chanos

This Memorial Day in Bridgehampton, Kynikos founder Jim Chanos will be honored for his contributions to Miracle House, a charity “a charity that helps caregivers and patients who come to New York in search of medical treatment.” This is lovely and Jim is very generous. That’s not what we’re here to talk about. What we’re here to talk about is the host, LuAnn de Lesseps. The artist formerly known as “The Countess” is a cast member of the New York edition of Real Housewives. Except that LuAnn is no housewife, having divorced her husband, THE COUNT (pictured at left with his former lady), last year. (I’m not proud that I watch this show but I’m not embarrassed either.) LuAnn started off this season on the prowl and now she is getting desperate. Last week she went on a date with a guy named Courte who has who has highlights. She’s also looking for a place to bunk in NYC, having lost the UES townhouse in the settlement and being relegated to the Hamptons home. And, and I feel terrible for judging a reality show housewife by her cover, but I’m thinking she might be looking to land a rich guy. Finally, and most importantly, she’s trying to get her music career off the ground. Jim, we’re warning you because we care. Read more »

  • 29 Sep 2009 at 9:03 AM

Swine Flu Outbreak At UBS?

Possibly, according to some of our favorite tax evaders in town, who were told not to come in for the day. Of course, they may be jumping to conclusions, and it could have nothing to do with a pig disease outbreak at all. It could very well be that UBS is shutting down. Or it could be herpes.

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