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81-Year-Old Neurologist Proposes Theory Of Memory Evolution

Sidney Gilman—Alzheimer’s specialist, former University of Michigan medical professor and confessed provider of confidential information to the hedge-fund set—used his final moments on the witness stand to offer one more contribution to science. Read more »

  • 18 Dec 2013 at 5:57 PM

SAC’s Steinberg Is Going To Prison

This probably does not come as any more of a surprise to him than it does to anybody else, given (a) that prosecutors are batting 1.000 on insider-trading cases these days, and (b) that he passed out as soon as he saw the jury walk into the courtroom. Read more »

Steve Cohen Drops The F-Bomb

“Family office,” through gritted teeth, one must imagine. Read more »

SAC Veteran Abandons Steve Cohen In His Time Of Need

Apparently saving the planet is a more worthy calling than making SAC money. Read more »

Ed’s note: A previous version of this story included a picture of a woman incorrectly identified as Wendy Cohen Schimel.

If you plan at long last to file your tear-stained redemption notice with SAC Capital Advisors next Friday– as reports suggest the few of you who haven’t already will do– an exciting opportunity is on the horizon. Sure, you may feel compelled to walk away from Steve Cohen in his time of greatest need, but you can at the very least keep your money in the family. Read more »

There are all sorts of metrics to determine how bad an insider-trader you were. How many trades did you make on secret information? How many different securities? How much money did you make for/save Steve Cohen? My personal favorite, however, is severity of sentence, and on that count, Matthew Kluger is still the worst insider-trader in U.S. history.

Kluger received the longest insider-trading sentence this side of Raj Rajaratnam, a dozen years, in part because the lawyers who prosecuted him and the lawyer who sentenced him were offended that he was giving lawyers a bad name. Well, the lawyers who decided his appeal concur with their peers. Read more »

If they can’t put him in jail for insider trading or knowing that his underlings were insider trading, then the Feds are just going to have to try and put Steve Cohen in jail for not knowing that his underlings were insider trading. Read more »

If you hadn’t heard, between $3 billion and $6 billion will disappear from SAC Capital Advisors this year. This money must go somewhere. Some non-scandal plagued hedge funds think it would be neat if it were to end up with them. Read more »