Sam Molinaro

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charlie gasparinofeatured.jpgBryan Burrough’s recent Vanity Fair article named many parties as suspect in the “murder” of Bear Stearns. But while Citadel, SAC Capital, Goldman Sachs, Jimmy Cayne’s substance abuse problem, Corey Haim and the entire cast of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose really only got quick mentions as possibilities, the pages devoted to CNBC suggested that the bitches over in Englewood Cliffs killed Kenny. Burrough writes that the network was way too quick to disseminate the rumor of a supposed liquidity problem, that a lack of “adult supervision” allowed for catty infighting among anchors and their producers over who would get the interview with CEO Alan Schwartz (and that whoever was snubbed would retaliate on-air), that David Faber, who was supposed to pose blow job questions at Schwartz unfairly fisted him instead, and that Charlie Gasparino trash talked the company, “peppered Sam Molinaro with phone calls seeking comment,” and “raised the specter of a nightmare scenario.”
We haven’t yet talked to Faber about the five finger act that dare not speak its name, but we spoke briefly with Gasparino earlier and there are a few things he’d like you to know.

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