Antony Jenkins, promoted to run Barclays Plc after the Libor scandal, pledged to overhaul the bank’s culture, committing to values of integrity and respect. Allegations of fraud on his watch are undermining his plan. Barclays lied to customers and masked the role of high-frequency traders as it sought to boost revenue at one of Wall Street’s largest private trading venues, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a civil complaint filed June 25. He cited a pattern of misleading and false representations that went on as recently as April. The first allegations of new misconduct since Jenkins was named chief executive officer of the London-based bank in August 2012 mark a setback in his efforts to break with the past and sent shares plunging the most since he took over. A hit to the reputation of the Barclays LX dark pool also would hinder Jenkins’s effort to turn around the firm’s investment bank by focusing on equities. [Bloomberg]

A few months back Patricia Cohen, ex-wife of Steve, dropped the lawyer who initially helped her file a suit against the SAC founder, claiming he hid marital assets, had engaged in insider trading, and yada yada yada. Then in April, she filed a newer, even bolder suit. Previously, Patricia had requested around $300 million from her former husband. This time, she dreamed bigger. She wanted SAC Capital. A “substantial, if not controlling interest.” The PMs, the P&L analysts, the Silver Fox. They were all gonna be hers. And not just that, she’d take the embalmed pets too. And all the fleece jackets in the back. The vests too! Today, that dream has been stalled. Patricia’s second lawyer, Gaytri D. Kachroo, has informed a court she’s finished with this lady. We’re told GDK is saying she wasn’t paid, or paid as much as she was promised. There are also claims– by others– that Kachroo was actually fired. Whatevs! It’s all relative. Any takers for round three? Read more »