Over the past year or so, Steve Cohen has had to swallow several bitter pills in order to continue doing what he loves– trading stocks– and not further incite the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Justice Department, and Preet Bharara. He’s written a check for over 600 million dollars and another one for $1.2 billion. He’s returned all investor money to people not related to him by blood or marriage. He’s said good-bye to friends. Most recently, he made the ultimate sacrifice when he agreed to change the name of the firm1 from his initials to Point72 Asset Management, rendering a walk-in closet full of SAC Capital fleeces utterly useless.

And although the sight of a distraught Cohen fighting with his lieutenants over the name change, of him scooping up a pile of fleeces and shouting “What the hell am I supposed to do with these?!” before collapsing atop them and whispering, “Alright…alright,” of his President and GC and CFO standing awkwardly around him as he buried his face in the zip-ups and vests before sending everyone away and letting him be alone with them, of a single tear rolling down his face as he slowly traced the stitched on ‘S’ and then the ‘A’ and finally the ‘C’ should have been enough… Read more »

  • 19 Nov 2013 at 4:48 PM

Whatever Holder Wants, Holder Gets

And little Jamie, little Holder wants $13 billion. Read more »

As you may have heard, yesterday SAC Capital agreed to plead guilty to insider trading and pay a $1.2 billion fine (on top of the $600+ million it already paid) in order to make a federal investigation go away. The deal has been yet to be approved by a judge, and though there is not reason to believe it won’t be, it’s always possible things could fall through. For instance, Richard J. Sullivan might think Cohen should pay a fine greater than this year’s take-home. He might want to force Cohen to wear a poster board that says “Loads of people have insider traded on my watch” in giant letters and walk up and down the streets of Greenwich, CT. He might take issue with the lack of fine print dictating that Cohen must obtain permission from Preet Bharara to use the little boy’s room. He might want to ratchet up the punishment in any of these ways; in the event he does, Cohen will have a choice between agreeing to strapping on the sandwich board or saying no dice. Read more »

Sayeth SAC: Read more »

“It’s far easier for SAC Capital as a corporate entity to plead guilty and settle with the government because it doesn’t have to worry about being incarcerated,” Anthony Sabino, a professor of law at St. John’s University in New York, said in an interview. “The government has amassed tons of evidence against the fund which can’t be helpful to the others. The pressure’s on for one of them to plead guilty.” [Bloomberg]

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The bank will pay $4 billion over mortgages but not a penny more! The ghost of John Pierpont Morgan hath put his foot down! Read more »