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I'll give you 3 guesses who taught me this move but you'll only need one.

As I’m sure many of you know, it’s not atypical for someone with a long and storied career on the Street to look back and reflect. They’ve earned the right and its likely that if any of the young whippersnappers cared to listen, they might learn something themselves. Shia LaBeouf is no different. As someone who spent months trading his online brokerage account, bonded with the Charles Schwab guys (Encino branch) and taken several meetings with employees of Goldman Sachs, all in preparation for his (fake) career, he’s figured out a thing or two. And now he wants to share it with you. Read more »

Money Never Sleeps, which the lot of you had probably already cleared your schedules to see April 23, has had its premier postponed to September 24. It’s gonna be another 6 long, lonely months before we see those loafers on the big screen. On the bright side, rather than work the press circuit, ShiLa will be able to devote his time to the old online brokerage account, and to working on the LaBeouf Capital prospectus. [Variety via BI]

Oliver Stone has said it before and he’ll say it again: nobody was supposed to see Wall Street and think “Hey! I wanna do that, too.” And yet, for the last twenty odd years, you people and the people you work with have never failed to approach Stone or Michael Douglas when they’re out to dinner to tell them you went to work on the Street after being inspired by the 1987 flick, ruining their evenings. Idiots! You were supposed to see movie and say Gekko, bad. Prosecution of “values underpinning American capitalism,” good. See? Simple little equation. And yet. And yet. That all kind of went over your heads, didn’t it? If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. A much loved and sorely missed hedge fund manager didn’t get it either.

  • 19 Feb 2010 at 3:17 PM

The Fruits Of Shia LaBeouf’s Labor, Part II

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Hours upon hours of (not) studying for the CFA. Months spent texting with Bloomberg. 53 mock interviews with Goldman Sachs. It’s all come together. For this moment.
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  • 28 Jan 2010 at 2:10 PM

The Fruits Of Shia LaBeouf’s Labor

Hours shadowing BSD’s on the trading floor. Months riding the highs and crashing the lows of having an online brokerage account. Countless meetings with Goldman Sachs executives. It’s all come together. For this moment.

shia labeouf helmet.jpgSo I don’t normally feel the need to highlight the sections in my posts where I’m very clearly joking but since it seems that one in particular has been difficult for the naked eye to detect…

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shia labeouf helmet.jpgIf I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times. Rest assured that this coming April, when we finally get to see Shia LaBeouf in Money Never Sleeps, we can breathe easy knowing that this will not be the performance of some two-bit actor who knows nothing about Wall Street but a market moving BSD who’s sucked it all in and is currently deciding whether his next project will be a rom-com, running a Citadel spin-off Ken Griffin’s dying to land him for, or starting his own shop (potential investors: act quickly and he’ll trim his fees for the first $2bn in AUM with an 8-year lockup). Not only does the Level 1 CFA candidate have his own E*Trade account, read the Wall Street Journal every single day, trade on his cell phone, have Bloomberg on speed dial and “lots of friends in lots of places,” but he’s been briefed on what’s considered a dealbreaker when it comes to landing a coveted gig with Goldman Sachs. And now, he wants to share that wisdom with you.

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