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On March 30, 2011, Warren Buffett penned an open letter expressing support for his former lieutenant, David Sokol, whose trading activities had been called into question. “Neither Dave nor I feel his Lubrizol purchases were in any way unlawful,” Buffett wrote. Then, a month later, he told shareholders and reporters gathered at the BKR annual meeting in Omaha that, actually, Sokol was a degenerate bum; a piece of garbage that needed to be taken out, lest it stink up the place. (Actual words: “inexcusable,” “inexplicable,” in violation of “the company’s insider-trading rules and code of ethics.” Buffett added that Berkshire “had turned over some very damning evidence” re: Sokol to the Securities and Exchange Commission, to boot.)

Though Sokol did not publicly respond to the comments at the time, they presumably stung quite a bit, since having your unassailable ex-boss basically call you a lowlife does not do wonders for the reputation. Now, a year later, after being informed that the SEC would not be taking action against him, is he in a Zen place about life in general and Buffett’s words specifically? Are the two men cool? Could Sokol see them being friends again one day? At the very least, is he ready to laugh about them? Yes, yes he is. Read more »

Earlier this week, a Dartmouth College undergraduate wrote an opinion piece for the student newspaper in which he recounted “vomiting in my mouth” after hearing an anecdote about Bridgewater Associates supposedly paying a girl $100 to write an essay about why she chose not to participate in their summer recruitment session. That the hedge fund would be so aggressive in its attempts to convince Dartmouth’s best and brightest to waste their potential “manipulating capital” and “perpetuating class-based systems of power and dominance” sickened him, as did the fact that, as he sees it, Dartmouth has become a “vocational school for investment bankers” and those learning the skills necessary to work at “faceless hedge funds.” A ravenous reader of The Dartmouth, alum and Bridgewater co-CEO Greg Jensen saw the op-ed and today chose to take the young man to task re “impressions,” via a letter to the editor. Read more »

  • 04 May 2011 at 4:08 PM

Cops Bust Greenwich-Based Hookers, Clients

If you’ve got a regular thing going with a hooker in Greenwich, please note she may be lying low for a while. Perhaps somewhat more urgently, if you have a scheduled meeting for this week, you ought to consider backing out now as that hooker is a cop and you’re about to get nailed. Read more »

  • 06 Aug 2010 at 2:35 PM

Lenny Dykstra Will Protect This House!

So this just happened: Read more »